A Clear Conscience?

Calling Christians

Recently my friend and colleague, Br. Aqil Onque debated Jonathan McLatchie on the Trinity Channel – yes, the same channel that his mentor Sam Shamoun accused of stealing money and misappropriating funds:


Sam indicated that the Trinity channel was using donations to “fatten their pocket,” that is taking donations meant for evangelizing and managing the station, and instead using the money for their personal gain, i.e. theft. Yet, we find Jonathan openly promoting and working with the station. The question needs to be asked, did Sam Shamoun openly lie about his own Christian brothers and sisters at the Trinity channel, or is Jonathan colluding with Christians involved in fraud and theft? For those interested in inter-faith dialogue, the question of misusing religion for monetary gain or popularity seriously brings into doubt the actions of many Christian speakers, preachers and polemicists. As a Muslim, how can I trust what Sam…

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  1. Personally, the Joel Osteen reason is clear for all to see,Trinity channel ,but Shamoun saying ABN is into corruption,well,he would have to give REAL evidence.
    Not just assertions,I think he has no evidence,if he REALLY did,then McLatchie,Costa,etc,would no longer be with ABN.

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    • It brings to the forefront a peculiar problem. If Sam is lying about his brothers in faith publicly then it seriously calls into question his morals and integrity. If someone like Jonathan does not speak out about Sam’s dishonesty, then it calls into question his morality and integrity.

      On the other hand, if Sam is truthful and given that Jonathan is close to Sam and promotes him, then is Jonathan complicit in fraud and theft?

      Either way, it makes Sam and Jonathan McLatchie look bad and as a consequence of me asking this question, Jonathan has decided to cut off communication on Facebook with me after this was brought to light. Rather than clearing the air, he’s muddied it and has become clearly uncomfortable with the attention I’m giving this issue.



  1. Sam & John: Partners in Fraud? | Calling Christians

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