Dhaka’s Blood Rivers Isn’t Actually Blood | Jack The Lad


Jack The Lad

The ‘blood rivers’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh during the time of Eid-Al-Adha has nothing to do with the slaughtering of animals, the rivers that mysteriously turn into red liquid is a natural phenomena which scientists have yet to explain. It has happen all over the world, including China, Russia etc..

Not every news headline is true don’t be a victim of propaganda.

img_5807-0 Brazil, Doce River
China, Yangtze River
Crimson Red: River in Siberia mysteriously turns red

While it remains unclear what caused the Daldykan River in Siberia to flow crimson, mining and industrial processes have caused similar problems in other places. In 2015, wastewater from a long-abandoned mine in Colorado flowed into the Animas River, turning the water a striking orange color.

Red waters aren’t always a sign of doom and gloom. This summer, Iran’s Lake Urmia turned from green to blood red as a result of microorganisms that thrive on…

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