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12274617_10153780804963566_6683458402777832554_nI am pleased to announce that Denis Giron has accepted my invitation to be an author on Blogging Theology. He is a Roman Catholic with an expertise in Biblical languages. He is also a Statistical Analyst at the United Nations in New York. I am sure his erudition will be of interest to all readers of this blog.

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    • yes I did for a few days. Then a knowledgeable brother (Mansur) explained to me the misunderstanding I had with Islam, and I returned.


    • Sometimes a short break works miracles


    • Anyway,
      This is my response to Richard about God human, so if you can posted there, that would be nice.
      I think christians have to acknowledge that their interpretations for that passages – whether they like that or not – is against the common sense and the normative understanding for the human language and the logic. It’s very obvious that they desperately try to find a ” new” meaning for the normative understanding of the language. Oddly, I’ve heard some christians even say that Quran doesn’t explain what it means by God is one!!!!
      As if I said ( I’m one), it would be a real difficulty for the listener to understand me or it would be a necessity for another explanation!
      While and in the fact, Christians the ones who need to define their language again and to provide explanation for their understanding although that would be against the whole history of the human’s language and the common sense per se.

      In Arabic we have saying
      من المعضلات توضيح الواضحات
      It means It’s impossible to explain what’s explained already!… It’s impossible to open the door which’s open already.
      I hope this introduction will give christians a hint of what we feel as (Muslims/jews) when christians try desperately to justify their violation of monotheism and the perfection of God.
      Again, that passage is very clear that God is not a man nor son of man for the human nature has its deficiency ,and that understanding is compatible with major skeleton outline that God was teaching to the israelites,and that what israelites kept underacting! Indeed, not only was God teaching them that he is not a man rather God was CARVING that in their mind. You may,read (Isaiah 2:22) or ( Job 9:32).
      We can see easily that there’s a huge distinguishment between God and the Human.
      In fact, Elijah said in (1 Kings 18:27) “And at noon Elijah mocked them, saying, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.”
      It’s obvious that Elijah used that same argument that muslims use against christianity since that what he got from the scripture!
      In sum, you cannot argue against that clear teaching by an odd understanding not giving by the passage itself.
      Notice, there’s not been any necessity for ” explanation ” as christians demand for what God meant by that he is not man according to Elijah!


      1) ” This passage was written hundreds of years before the Incarnation. It was thus true that, at that time, God was not a human being. ”
      I’d consider this as a tacit acknowledgment from you that “incarnation” idea does not compatible with that passage,and that why muslims insist that OT as whole doesn’t compatible with teaching of NT.
      Also, I’m sure that you know that (YHWH doesn’t change)

      2) “Even when God the Son became incarnate, it is still true that the Son is not a man in his natural, eternal state a man. It is an acquired nature, not an inherent one.”
      Regardless the violation of Oneness of God obviously!
      I’d say this statement “Still true that the Son is not a man in his natural” ≠ God has become a man.
      According to your statement , we can ask why do christians say that God (EMPTIED) himself?
      It seems that you say that God just dwelt inside the body of that human being otherwise you need to define your language, especially the some passage in the NT suggest otherwise! For example, “Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being. When he appeared in human form”
      If God was still not man even after he became incarnate, there is no need for that ” emptiness ” !
      All of that must be explained without neglecting the fallacy idea that a person is god and man in the same time. Perfect and imperfect simultaneously !

      3) ” The point of the passage is not about the substance of God, whether he is a spirit or a man of flesh and blood. The point is that God is not like a sinful, deceitful human. And this is still true even after the Incarnation – Christ, even when he took on human nature, was not a liar.”
      I think I’ve answered this point at the beginning.
      However, here’s Dr Ally refuted this ” odd” justification.

      @ (5:30)


  1. N.B , the Abdullah who asked is not me!
    I hope that people don’t get confused.

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  2. Nice, I’ve caught a glimpse of some of Denis’ comments and he seems very knowledgeable!

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  3. you know what would be grand? if u where to get Anthony rogers or Sam shamoun or david wood


    • Chicken Salsa

      Just see how these intelligent Christians are posting their stand on a Muslim blog clearly defending Christianity in an intelligent way and Muslims are happy to engage with them amicably. That is what the Quran said.

      Muslims are happily commending Richard and he is happy bringing his intelligent posts defending Christianity and you can see the intelligence in his posts. For years, this blog has intelligent Christians who defended Christianity intelligently and I am happy Paul is giving any one the chance to present and defend his faith and belief, after all we are all learning and searching for the truth.

      It shows most Muslims do not find other faiths as enemies and is what the Quran teach. I am afraid the names you mentioned have semi educated people, liars and haters whose comment here indicates they are not intelligent but to insult.

      Denis Giron is a follower of this blog for a very long time but he does not make much comments. You can see his resume is very impressive and he is a person one can learn from.


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  4. Hi Denis, long time no see, peace be with you.
    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’m curious if the Christ you believe in is still in some sense like a “split-brain patient”?
    I must admit that was quite an impressing notion:-)


    • I wouldn’t put it quite the way you did, but I do subscribe to something analogous to Thomas Morris’ “two minds” approach to Dyophysite doctrine (which holds that at the Incarnation Christ acquired secondary [and, tacitly, perhaps tertiary] ranges of consciousness/cognition), as presented in his book, The Logic of God Incarnate, and I do believe that modern neuroscience has shown the plausibility of the concept (as while it initially strikes some as impossible, we can see something similar in creation, with studies of commissurotomy or “split brain” patients). I think the concept has application in multiple areas, such as discussions on Christ seeming to be depicted as limited in knowledge in the NT, as well as discussions on whether a divine Person can sleep, et cetera. For one example, consider the following:


    • this could form the basis of a good article Denis!


    • Thank you Denis, but I won’t go into this again at the moment. I think I made myself clear in the past how I think about this theory.


    • Paul, I actually was thinking of making that one of my articles (the general subject might be “the plausibility of Christian doctrine in light of modern neurobiology,” and would discuss Christ growing in knowledge, seeming to affirm ignorance of the last day, sleeping, et cetera).

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