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  1. You just capitulate like the French did and then run across the channel from Dunkirk 😉

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  2. And if ISIS invades u will do what Paul?


  3. I think that this shows the gaping chasm that exists between thinking christians and the blind followers of islamic totalitarian doctrine that removes personal conscience from ethical thinking and replaces it with strict rules that are often plainly unjust and barbaric to anyone with even a single ounce of reason.

    Let’s be honest, there are absolutely no logical, or rational reasons to justify islam’s brutal killing of apostates, adulterers and homosexuals, yet it is foundational in islamic ethics to submit to such savage practices as a kind of proof of your own personal submission.

    I won’t go into the specifics of what jesus was teaching here – mainly because I don’t see the point in casting pearls before swine – but I will say that you can still love and respect those who attack you. It only seems like a major dilemma to muslims because your own ethics are so often debased and backward that jesus’ high spiritual teaching seems like it comes from another planet.


    • Yeah, can’t defend the impracticality of turning the other cheek so attack Islam. Btw I need your credit card number. Be a good Christian and give it to me as per Matthew 5.42.

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    • You guys just can’t get your minds around the call to a higher spiritual way of thinking – you are too stuck in base concepts like killing those who differ from you.


    • Cuz the Catholic Church has a history of turning to the other cheek… You make me laugh

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    • No Trey, it is too difficult a concept to differentiate between personal ethics and state responsibilities. Not surprising when you consider the monolithic nonsense that sharia forces upon them.

      But in this instance Paul knows better and is just being childish.

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    • So Paulus, tell me about the New Testament’s teaching on the “State” and its “responsibilities” at the time of war.

      I suggest:

      1) you start with Jesus’ teaching on the subject

      2) then cite Paul’s teaching

      3) then the rest of the NT

      I await your input with much interest.


    • Paul, is that a genuine question? You really don’t know anything about personal ethics in Christian thought? I find that hard to believe.

      Nevertheless, I thought I was banned and here you are asking for me to elaborate? Very confusing.


    • “Christian participation in warfare “was not actually an exception [to the commandment, “You shall not murder”] … but instead an expression of the Christian understanding of moral and political responsibility.”~ theologian Paul Ramsey

      “”If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also,” ;”What is here required is not a bodily action, but an inward disposition. The sacred seat of virtue is the heart.”~ Augustine


    • trey,
      “there are absolutely no logical, or rational reasons to justify islam’s brutal killing of apostates, adulterers and homosexuals”

      You sould’ve told that to Moses then… he declares in the name of God that all the aforementioned deserve death… so i tell you:
      there are absolutely no logical, or rational reasons to justify your stubbern closedmindedness when it comes to Islam… I am not muslim just like you aren’t… but MAN… CHILL….

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  4. I rather await your response now I’ve answered your question Paul, with interest.


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