Have Christian Scholars Abandoned the Doctrine of Biblical Inerrancy? Yes!

Hard-hitting and devastating

Calling Christians

Our esteemed Br. Yahya Snow has published a video with Christian apologist, Dr. Michael Licona agreeing that there are contradictions, irreconcilable contradictions in the New Testament:

Another prominent Theology Blogging website, aptly named Blogging Theology, highlighted this and many other claims of errancy within the Bible by Dr. Licona here. To make matters worse, the infamous Christian polemicist Sam Shamoun has declared that he no longer knows whether or not Dr. Licona is a true believer:


Not to be outdone, his close friend and student, Robert Wells (who once threatened to massacre innocent civilians if the voices in his head told him to do so) goes a step further and declares that he doesn’t even know if Dr. Licona is a Christian at all:

cc-2016-rm-mikeliconanottruechristian Picture taken from Blogging Theology by Paul Williams

Given that Dr. Licona has been a cornerstone for Christian apologetics, the swift excommunication of…

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  1. The question here is this….does Licona have reason to fear for his life if, one, he actually does apostatize from christianity, or two, for his simple criticism of christian scriptures?

    If he was a muslim, he would be have to hire a security team every time he spoke in public.


    • Licona doesn’t have to fear for his life because he lives in a modern, secular, individualistic society where Christianity is on the decline. If he were alive during the Inquisition and saying these things though…


    • Licona lives in a secular, highly individualistic society where Christianity is on the decline. If he were alive during the Inquisition though…

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    • The inquisition was a politically motivated act of repression that is nowhere supported by christian ethics or scriptures. Draconian Islamic ethics are an ongoing inquisition that stifles dissent, free will, and rational thinking.


    • “the question here is this…”

      Is this really the question here? Or are you just muddying the waters by bringing up something completely irrelevant to the OP?

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    • I think that it is completely relevant – it highlights the gaping chasm between christian practice and islamic practice. Mike Licona can have his possible apostasy and his criticism of the bible without fear of being killed.

      At worst he might have to deal with hostile tweets.

      Compare that to critics of the quran – they live with death threats.


    • What does “highlight[ing] the gaping chasm between christian practice and Islamic practice” achieve in the context of the topic of discussion?

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    • Taha

      Sorry, I thought it was obvious.

      The OP has made a meal of the supposed negative reactions of christians to Licona’s claims. Over 50% of the post talks about the negative reactions to Licona. To me that means that the negative reaction to Licona’s claims form a significant part of the OP.

      Licona has to contend with disapproving tweets, critics of the quran on the other hand have to fear for their lives.


    • Trey: The inquisition was a politically motivated act of repression that is nowhere supported by christian ethics or scriptures.

      Christian ethics or scriptures as understood by Trey.


  2. Sam Shamoun thinks Licona may not be a true believer because he doesn’t have the Spirit of God. What is amusing is that given what a piece of sh’it he is, Shamoun’s himself doesn’t have the Spirit, except a Satanic one, and so by his own criterion he is not a true believer!

    Same goes for this Robert Wells character.


    • Trey

      Do not forget. Jesus said in both old and new Testaments that those who criticise him is his enemy and those who will not allow him to be their king must be crucified. Those who left his(Jesus) religion must be killed. Christians have killed Jews, Muslims and others and forced converted them until the Christians were beaten severely and forced to stop that practice.

      John Calvin is classical example by ordering the killing of Michael S. Catholics were beaten to death in the USA by protestants Christians until freedom of religion and rule of law was forced on them to stop.

      So, Trey stop your uneducated comments about fearing of lives. If Mike Licona or Bart Erhman travelled to Christian Lords Resistance Army territory they will be executed like any Islamic critic will be killed in isis or boko territory.

      Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia are majority Muslim countries and any one can criticise the Quran without any killings.


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  3. Trey, America is not a Christian country in that it isn’t being governed based on an interpretation of Christianity. However, I think we confidently state if Licona was living in John Calvin’s society he would be fearing for his life; most modern Westernized Christians would be in a state of fear if they lived in that Christian society.

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    • Yahya

      Sorry but it seems that every time you try to make a point you somehow have to resort to some logical fallacy. That one is a non-sequitur.

      Muslims(and non-muslims) who criticize the quran and muslims who apostatize face death threats and actual attempts on their lives. Licona is unlikely to. And even if some crazy or other tries to cause him some physical harm only through some dramatic twisting of the scriptures can you find any support for it.

      What might happen in some hypothetical christian society does not change what will almost certainly happen in a muslim theocracy and is very likely to happen even in the free west.


    • Christians can’t stop the hypocrisy when they play games of
      ( State & Religion) .
      They attribute everything ” positive” to christianity in the west. However, whenever we point out to the ” negative” things, they just simply deny christianity of these issues.
      Take it all or leave it all!
      It’s ironic that christians keep affirming that they love the enemies of God, those who persecute them ,yet they keep shouting loudly that they are gonna kill them as state! ( Pastor Robert Jefferson as example)
      If that is the definition of ” love” , then I assure for you that ISIS “love” you more than you can imagine!
      Also, you have to know that according to Paul that pagan roman was labeled as authority from God! (Roman13).
      Therefore, if you criticized the bible of Christian Roman Empire, that authority from God would have punished you, and that happened throughout the history of the ” religion og love”
      And let’s not forget the ( perfect law of God) which was given by ” All loving God” to his the most beloved people.

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  4. Notice how the Christians need to start spreading islamophobia as a reaction to this – it’s the ultimate admission of defeat. Modern day Christianity melts under a critical, academic lens… Get over it.

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  5. No! not all Christian scholars have abandoned inerrancy.

    37 top Evangelical scholars defend inerrancy and the authority of Scripture.



  6. But I would not say Licona is not a Christian; he still believes in the basics of the Christian faith.


  7. God is One, a Trinitas Unitas, Omniscient, All Powerful, Sovereign, Pure and Holy, Love, Creator of all things.
    God of OT is the same as the NT.
    Jesus is Messiah, fulfillment of OT prophesies.
    Jesus is the eternal Son of God
    Jesus is Savior, Lord, God in the flesh.
    Jesus was born of the virgin Mary.
    Jesus died on the cross, atoned for sin.
    Jesus rose from the dead physically, bodily, on the 3rd day
    Justification is by Faith Alone.
    Salvation is by grace alone.
    The Bible is inspired (which I think he still believes in, he just has a very different view of inerrancy.)
    Faith in the Doctrine of the Trinity.
    The Church is God’s institution on earth of believers and the way we grow is by being an active member of a local church.
    Christ is coming again in the future.
    There is a judgement day.
    There is a literal heaven for believers and an eternal hell for unbelievers.
    Homosexuality is always sin and compromise on that issue is a gospel issue. ( I Corinthians 6:9-11)

    There may be others.


  8. Jesus ascended into heaven and sits a the right hand of the Father, interceding for His people.


  9. The Holy Spirit is a person; not an impersonal force.


  10. Wow,Shamoun’s comment show him to be a real fake.Because he has been using foul language,almost as bad as Reza Aslan,for like 20 years.

    He thinks Licona may not be a true believer because he doesn’t have the Spirit of God.Shamoun shows he has none of the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    Any person can see it,he is not a Christian by Jesus’ standards.

    Regarding Biblical errancy,the Noah story about a universal flood,and that we all descend from 8 people,who lived only a few thousand years ago,is a real error.

    I really can’t believe Shamoun believes it,faced with all the contrary geological and genetic evidence.


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