Director of Stanford’s Neuroscience Institute, Bill Newsome, on a fundamental question that confronts us all.


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  1. Substituting “Morals” for “Ethics” in the two questions.

    Christianity answers yes to the first question and Islam answers yes to the second question.


  2. No Islam at its core of all cores is about goodness which is morals.


  3. The first question by the neuroscientist is beautiful and in a way answers it’s own question…for indeed the morals, ethics, goodness is put into our hearts as so true that it seems that is why this beautiful universe has been made.

    Also, for the same reason Pauline Christianity has to be false for it is so immoral for any innocent, let alone God or His son (illogical and a category mistake for God to have a son but just hypothetically saying) and immoral to suggest that if we are not perfect like God, then we deserve eternal hell-fire.


  4. I wish the best for the person who misunderstands Islam who made a comment. I really do.


  5. Believer are morals and ethics created or eternal?


  6. “Christianity has to be false for it is so immoral for any innocent,…”

    give some examples when you get a chance


  7. I newsome one like Bill before


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