The modern illusion of individual belief

“The modern Westerner, persuaded that he has a right to “think for himself” and imagining that he exercises this right, is unwilling to acknowledge that his every thought has been shaped by cultural and historical influences and that his opinions fit, like pieces of jigsaw puzzle, into a pattern which has nothing random about it.”

― Charles Le Gai Eaton, Islam and the Destiny of Man

Categories: Gai Eaton, Life in the West, Recommended Reading, Wisdom

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  1. Of course in philosophy class there can be no individual or subjective truth. However, the concept of individual truth serves as an amazing working model for a democratic society in which people have different opinions. Coexistence and freedom is only possible when we respect the beliefs of others, even those that we think are wrong. otherwise we end up with theocracyand tyranny.


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