Ahmed Al-Tayyeb, Al Azhar Grand Imam: Europeans won’t be punished by God even if they are not muslims

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Professor Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed Al-Tayyeb the current Grand Imam of al- Azhar, number 1 in 2017  the world’s 500 most influential muslims list, recently said  that most Europeans belong to Ahl Al fatrah  أهل الفترة  or “People of the Interval” – so that God will not punish them for not being muslims.

“People of the Interval” traditionally refers to people who have not been received Messages from God properly, usually because they lived between prophets or because of some circumstances they could not receive Islamic Da’wah during their lives.

In the case of Europeans, most of them have perceived the message of Prophet Muhammad in a distorted and negative manner.  Sheikh Al-Tayyeb said “The people of Europe now do not know about Islam except what they see on TV screens that is killing and other things. For this reason its has been applied to them what was applied to the ‘People of the Interval‘”.

This may come as a surprise to some but actually this is the standard view among mainstream Islamic ulaama in particular those  who lean to al-ʾAshʿarīyya  or the Ash’arites, the earliest theological school of Sunni Islam orthodoxy.  God punishment only applies to those people who until Islamic da’wah reaches them properly and correctly in their full conscience and then they continue reject (kufr) its message.

Here is Sheikh Al-Tayyeb interview (in Arabic) with in Egyptian TV program aired during the last holy month of Ramadhan.

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  1. That man has really issues makes us question his credibility.


  2. It seems to me the Imam of Al-Azhar is either trying to reciprocate the Pope’s inclusive view of salvation, or he has so low an opinion of Westerners as to imagine them spending their lifetimes learning about the world exclusively from Fox News and the like.


    • I don’t know why you’re thinking that he’s claiming that each and every European would necessarily enter Jannah, he’s speaking about most of them having not properly received the call of Islam, and if I’m not mistaken it is said that such people would be judged in the Last Day. See this nice vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqZpNj76HtI

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    • That’s not what I said or meant. There is no ‘claiming’, ‘every’ or ‘necessarily’ in my comment, but simply a guess that such declarations may come in the spirit of an ongoing semi-political rapprochement with the Church.

      Also, there are more and more Europeans embracing Islam every day. A lot do so privately. So I don’t agree that Islam is generally not well understood now compared to years ago when it made less headlines (in the media of propaganda) and was a less researched topic.

      And I can hardly see an excuse for the extremists who make it their life’s mission to malign Islam and Muslims and who are so virulent they would reject Jesus or Muhammad alike. That said, of course only God knows the intentions of people and whether they received His message or not. Thanks for the link.


  3. So what’s the difference? Tell me how any of this ‘information’ affects the lives of ordinary people, muslim or otherwise?


  4. Ahl Al fatrah أهل الفترة or “People of the Interval” go to a place called Limbo.


  5. The Asharis and Maturidis differ on the “People of the Interval”. The Asharis say that they are excused because they have not heard of the Qur’an and the Prophet. The Maturidis say that everyone has to believe in the Tawhid in the correct manner even without information about revelation. There are also some more rationalist Asharis who hold this position. This position has a big importance because it emphasises the universality of the Islamic belief (Tawhid). It makes the Qur’an true because it contains the Tawhid and not the other way round.

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  6. wow so as long as muslims dont do dawah on non muslims allah will not punish them.

    so muslims stop doing dawah on non muslims.


    • Fortunately, doing da’wah is a sacred duty, a responsibility, assigned on every Muslim, by God.

      “Invite to the way of your Lord with the wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best.”


    • So you hate non Muslims then? Only someone who hates non Muslims would want to bring them the information that would send them to hell.


    • Most Non-Muslims already have the information. Dawah is only a help.
      If you reject the concept of Tawhid you will never accept Islam. Understanding basic Tawhid is possible for anyone.

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    • Rider wrote….

      “Most Non-Muslims already have the information. Dawah is only a help.”

      A help he says, a help to be punished by Allah. Really Muslims if you really care about non Muslims then stop doing Dawah. Please


    • We can not disobey God command. nevertheless if Da’wah reaches you, just accept it. All it takes is believe in the ONE and Only Creator of the universe and worship HIm regularly without any association (idolatry) and also recognise God’s last prophet. That all it takes, easy right..


    • So you condemn non Muslims to hell for selfish reasons. Good to know.

      What a man centered religion you have.


    • “man-centered” religion for obeying and worshipping God?


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