Seen praying


Seen praying at Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RhodeIsland, USA.


Seen praying in Tunis, Tunisia.


Seen praying in a parking lot in front of a restaurant on a ship in Rabat, Morocco.


Seen praying inside a bakery in Ezzahra, Tunisia.



Categories: Islam, Salat

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  1. Allahu Akbar. This is clearly spiritual purification of the heart with all our mind and brain to think and know that God is close to us end He sees us and all that is in our heart, mind and everything. Knowing that, He (God) tells us to speak and get closer to him and away from Satan.

    Even if Satan is chasing you, the only one true God of Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Solomon etc. is telling you to pray(speak) to Him(God) and acknowledge Him more than Satan and repent then He will forgive you and save you from satan.

    That is what all prophets did i.e. Noah, Moses, Solomon etc. because Jesus did not die at that time. My friend Ken will say it is only the death of Jesus that will sent you closer to God through the Holy Spirit.

    Christians are voting for Donald Trump who sleeps with married women to cause unwanted pregnancies and inevitable abortions which is the root cause of abortion and thinking it is the best way to stop abortion to vote a Trump who sleeps with married women to inevitably cause abortion when there is unwanted pregnancies. You then dismiss Muslim prayers and closeness to God as nothing. No Muslim will vote for someone who says he sleeps with married women and enters in a changing room of beauty pageant full of teenage girls but evangelical Christians are doing that i.e. the son of Jerry Falwell and other Christians.



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