Book Review: Revelation

Oh dear oh dear!

The Ideal Muslim Man

Title: Revelation
Author: Meraj Mohiuddin
Overall Rating: 1/5-Do not recommend

Having heard the author speak about this book during ISNA’s annual convention, I was really looking forward to reading it. There have been very few original seerah books written in English and with the rave reviews this book had received, I fully expected it to set a new standard for English seerah works.

I was disappointed.

On the first page of the preface, the author states, “I am neither an Islamic scholar nor an amateur historian”. Indeed, the rest of the book bears ample testimony to this fact.

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  1. “In conclusion, this is not a seerah book I would recommend. It is overpriced, light on content, and heavy on errors”

    Translation: “it teaches opinions and cites scholars contrary to my fundamentalist Islamic dogma, and I don’t like it!!”


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