Does the Quran Really Condemn Homosexuality? The Kugle Smackdown

The Muslim Skeptic

Many of us have heard the silly claim that the account of Qawm Lut in the Quran is not about same sex behavior — rather it was about rape and lack of hospitality on the part of Qawm Lut. This is the argument that some Muslim reformers make in trying to normalize same sex behavior in the Muslim community. These reformers have mostly borrowed this argument from certain pro-LGBT Christian denominations who have engaged in this heavy-handed revisionism of the Bible over the years. They apply that same revisionism to the Quran, hoping that the Muslim community will think that this is an issue that is up for debate, where Muslims are wondering, “Does the Quran really condemn same sex acts?”

Well, now, we have the definitive rebuttal to this by Ustadh Mobeen Vaid.

This is a superb essay mashaAllah that goes into great depth in deconstructing the revisionist…

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