‘A Challenge for Christians in the Face of Continued Decline’

White offers a superb defence of the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality. White effectively demolishes Tony Campolo’s revisionist pro-gay spin with accurate and objective exegesis of the key biblical passages. Sadly the orthodox Christian defence of marriage is loosing significant ground even in Evangelical circles. A Baptist pastor friend of mine here in London told me of his dismay when a fellow Baptist minister recently ‘married’ his boyfriend. Alhamdulillah Islam is holding the line on God’s truth about sexuality and what is halal and haram.



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  1. I’ve listened to a fair bit of Dr Robert Gagnon and his opposition, the pro-gay marriage camp, really does not have any consistent and intellectually honest arguments. What’s landed this group where they are is this constant preaching of “Jesus loves everyone”. Muslims need to be wary of feel good slogans – this is the corollary to such slogans. In his dialogue it becomes clear the Church’s capitulation on certain conservative Biblical teachings has encouraged the pro-gay marriage camp. The teaching in question was the Biblical prohibition of a divorcee to remarry. We could also point to dress code for women and sex-before marriage; both other issues which the church has turned away in silence on or has modified its stance on.

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  2. I was thinking of raising awareness on the abusive element amongst the pro-gay marriage side which is a side that gets depicted as a side all about love. One of the Sheologian contributors wrote of the vile abuse she suffered from that camp for simply trying to argue for a more Biblical stance showing this group is not wholly a benign bunch of “let’s love everyone” types but rather they have an intolerant streak to them:

    Since coming out for the traditional view of marriage, I have been called ugly, stupid, incompetent, disgusting, better off dead, better off muzzled, etc. I’ve been told I should be put in a lion’s pit.

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  3. ‘We could also point to dress code for women and sex-before marriage; both other issues which the church has turned away in silence on or has modified its stance on.’

    very true.

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  4. And ultimately we can do so much. Each will account for his/her life in the end.

    Interestingly, wonderful, sweeping Holy Spirit revivals have been born out of great declines in morality. I pray to God that I can keep my nose clean. It is a big one and has a propensity to tread where angels fear to go.

    To Wilburforce

    “24 February, 1791

    Balam. England

    Dear Sir:

    Unless the divine power has raised you up to be as “Athanasius against the world,” I see not how you can go through your glorious enterprise in opposing that execrable villainy, which is the scandal of religion, of England, and of human nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them stronger than God? O be not weary of well-doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of His might, till even American slavery (the vilest that ever saw the sun) shall vanish away before it.

    Reading this morning a tract wrote by a poor African, I was particularly struck by the circumstance, that a man who has a black skin being wronged or outraged by a white man, can have no redress; it being a LAW in all of our Colonies that the OATH of a black man against a white goes for nothing. What villainy is this!

    That He who has guided you from youth up may continue to strengthen you in this and all things is the prayer of, dear sir,

    Your affectionate servant,

    John Wesley”

    This letter is typical of John Wesley. He was instrumental in turning the deplorable conditions of 18th century England around through his inspired sermons proclaiming the power of the Holy Spirit to bring renewal to anyone who thirsts for it.

    “In 18th century England, poverty was widespread and endemic. The nation was on the verge of revolution. One out of every four women were prostitutes, many of them as young as eight years old. Thousands died annually from syphilis and gonorrhea. Crime abounded. Slavery was widespread and brutal. Was there hope for a culture immersed in such deep grips of darkness?

    Within that darkness of 18th century England, Wesleyan revival broke out. These revival pulses were so dramatic many historians credit them with ushering in the Victorian age in the early 19th century, a time when the poor began to matter and “doing the right thing” became important. A time when the social order was restored and the future began to beam with hope.

    As the flames of revival broke out in what was once darkness, historians marvel at how the movement of revival was sustained for decades. While there were many important factors, many credit the Wesleyan society and class meeting with making the deepest impact upon the nation.” Paul Lawler Seedbed


  5. Is James gonna debate Abdullah Kunde in Australia ?


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