The Crucifixion and the Conquest of Mecca: which is higher: to forgive from a position of powerlessness, or of power?

A profound thought.

Categories: Abdal-Hakim Murad, Christianity, Islam

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  1. The Prophet Muhammad is a perfection of what we expect from someone dubbed by the creator as “Mercy to all the Creation”.

    Really profound indeed!!! Shows how MAGNANIMOUS HE WAS.


    • I think the answer to the question of the post is self evident, Prophet Muhammad (sws) is our merciful example. It is he who gave us the following beautiful words and advice:

      “Those who are merciful will be given mercy by the most Merciful. Be merciful on the earth and the One above the heavens will have mercy on you.” ~ Prophet Muhammad (sws)

      [Sunan abu Dawud book 40 #4941]


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