Why Is Nobody Asking Muslims If Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali Are “Anti Muslim Extremists”?



In 2004 the British National Party (BNP)  – antisemitic and racist Holocaust deniers) – ran a Jewish candidate in London’s local elections.  Mrs Pat Robertson’s (nee Feldman) candidacy was branded a “sick stunt” by Jewish community leaders and revealed to be a “gimmick” by the racist BNP ideologue and editor of the BNP’s Spearhead magazine John Tyndall, who describes the process from the inside:

And here is where it is time to examine the latest ‘gimmick’ employed by the current BNP leadership by its adoption of a Jewish candidate to contest a local government election in the Epping Forest area. I use the word ‘gimmick’ deliberately for that is precisely what it is – just as previous gimmicks have been used, notably the adoption of a candidate in Cumbria who was reported as rejoicing in his black son-in-law and half-black grandchild and the granting of a regular column to a…

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  1. Good article.


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