The meaning of a Papal Tiara


Above is a papal tiara presented to Pius IX by Belgium in 1871. The complete inscription (including text on the unseen sides) is:

which translates as:

To The Infallible Vicar of Jesus Christ
To the Supreme Governor of the World on Earth
To the Father of Nations and Kings


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  1. What gaudiness and pride!
    There is no such thing as a “Pope” in Scripture; no such office as “bishop over all other bishops”; and no such thing as the quality of infallibility to a human.

    Only God and His Word (The Scriptures / The Bible) is Infallible. No church and no church authority who is a human or group of leadership is infallible.


  2. ‘gaudiness and pride!’ – indeed. But strangely beautiful as well.


  3. Looks like it was made for somebody with a big head. In more ways than one.

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  4. Guess Mr Temple will never accede to papal justification using the writings of Bishop Ignatius.
    Ignatius is only acceptable when trying to prove the trinity! بلا كيف completes the cycle (for whatever else I have no reasonable explanation)!
    Shouldn’t be surprising. Double standards is always a good dodge for the christian.

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  5. Ignatius (died around 107 or 110 or 117 AD) believed in a mono-episcopate (one bishop over one church in one local area), but he never taught that the bishop of Rome was the bishop over all other bishops all over the world !

    You show you don’t know much about early church history.

    In Ignatius’ letter to the church at Rome, he does not even mention a bishop, which is one of the main proofs that the Roman Church at that time (early second century – 107-117 AD) did not even have a mono-episcopate (one bishop over the one church in a local area), but they were still operating with a plurality of elders ( a college of elders who led the church and kept each other accountable.) He mentioned the mono-episcopate in other churches he wrote to, but not to the Romans. That fact, along with Clement in 1 Clement in 96 AD writing “from the church of Rome” “to the church of the Corinthians) and using elders and bishops (episcopos) interchangeably ( 1 Clement 42-44) is two of the main proofs that there was no mono-episcopate (one bishop) in Rome. Even if there was a bishop as a one man over the college of elders; the idea of that bishop becoming the bishop over all other bishops over the whole world did not develop until centuries later.

    See Ignatius’ letter to the Romans here:

    Look around at same site for 1 Clement.


  6. “There is no such thing as a “Pope” in Scripture; ”

    Neither is the trinity but that didn’t stop you.

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  7. Did I just see Temple reference Dr Schaff years after he discredited him? Can hardly believe it. It appears ‘hard-line’ fundamentalism is coming to an end. Kudos brother Williams.

    Undeniably, papacy laws (much like christianity itself) do contain a lot of late formulations, the concept however seem biblical. Unsurprisingly, eklisia katholikos has put up brilliant defences to prove just that. Below are a few links to such writings

    Bishop Ignatius was of course an advocate of the presidency of the church at Rome. A catholic translation of his (albeit corrupted) letter to Rome reads
    ‘ Ignatius, who is also called
    Theophorus, to the Church which has
    obtained mercy, through the majesty
    of the Most High Father, and Jesus
    Christ, His only-begotten Son; the
    Church which is beloved and
    enlightened by the will of Him that
    willeth all things which are
    according to the love of Jesus Christ
    our God, to the church also
    which holds the presidency, in the
    location of the country of the
    Romans, worthy of God, worthy of
    honor, worthy of blessing, worthy
    of praise, worthy of success,
    worthy of sanctification, and,
    because you hold the presidency
    in love, named after Christ and
    named after the Father…… You [the church at Rome] have
    envied no one, but others you
    have taught. I desire only that
    what you have enjoined in your
    instructions may remain in

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  8. Pope Pius IX! My favorite Pope! Go to to see all of his encyclicals. I think the website is run by Sedevacantists though. Check out Quanta Cura and the Syllabus of Errors.


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