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  1. I have little respect for Paul Joseph Watson as he is a rabid, antagonistic, flaming Islamophobe, and is responsible for helping to fan the flames of intolerance and unleashing the racism, hatred, and violence that is related to much of what we are seeing in politics today. Same goes for much of the alt-right.

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  2. That second guy (with the baseball bat) had some neat curtains! I bet they do a great job in keeping the house warm at night!!!

    But what these poor people do not realize is that attacking the Trump only makes him stronger, much like a big sponge he will absorb it all and merely continue to float upon the waters. I suggest we can only stop him via Darthimons time machine named Bob and augment its abilities with a flux capacitor as to extend the amount of time that it can go back.

    If anyone knows where to find a flux capacitor please do let me know…


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