Aisha’s Thawb: Was It A Blanket Or Dress? [Part 1]

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Some Christian missionaries have gone so low as to spread a lie that the Prophet (p) used to wear his wife’s clothes. They base their lies on a few Hadith reports which they deliberately misrepresented/mistranslated for their own propagandists cause.

In this first article, we will show meanings for the word thawb and how it was understood classically. The two reports say that the Prophet used to receive revelation when he was with Aisha in the same bed covered by her thawb:

“She told that the people used to choose: ‘A’isha’s day to bring their gifts, seeking thereby to please God’s messenger. She said that God’s messenger’s wives were in two parties, one including ‘A’isha, Hafsa, Safiya, and Sauda, and the other including Umm Salama and the rest of God’s messenger’s wives. Umm Salama’s party spoke to her telling her to ask God’s messenger to say to the people, “If…

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  1. The lunatic David keeps teaching his audenice ( the ignorant christians) this stupid argument.
    However, the term ( thwawb) has not ever been a problem to understand. It means sheet! It’s even narrated in Sahih Bukhari itself as ( Blanket لحاف).
    Also, hadith about how we should cover the dead person. It’s used the term ( thawb) which means sheet like Ihram.

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  2. @Abdullah Thanks for adding more info regarding thawb.
    I’m surprised how ignorant Christians are, that you can easily fool them and they’ll buy it. The intellectual capacity is really low and it’s embarrassing how low people like David ( Cross-dresser) wood have gone to.
    If he wears his wife dress then that doesn’t mean others people do!


  3. Dear Abdullah and Nawaz Arshad,

    Do you honor the Quran and The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when you refer to Christians as, “lunatic”, “ignorant”, “ignorant Christians”, “easily fool them”, ” intellectual capacity is really low”?

    I don’t know, which is why I ask, but I doubt it.

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    • “Do you honor the Quran and The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when you refer to Christians as, “lunatic”, “ignorant”, “ignorant Christians”, “easily fool them”, ” intellectual capacity is really low”?”

      Isocrates, the Greek orator: “What things make you angry when you suffer them at the hands of others, do not you do to other people.”

      The Greek historian Herodotus: “. if I choose I may rule over you. But what I condemn in another I will, if I may, avoid myself.”
      (Herodotus, The Histories, bk. III, ch. 142. Roughly 430 BCE.)

      Buddhist sacred literature: “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.” (Udanavargu, 5:18, Tibetan Dhammapada, 1983)

      “Do not return evil to your adversary; Requite with kindness the one who does evil to you, Maintain justice for your enemy, Be friendly to your enemy.” (Akkadian Councils of Wisdom, as cited in Pritchard’s Ancient Near Eastern Texts)



    • Paul,
      I must be dreaming. Right? You didn’t just say you agree with me, did you? I’m feeling light-headed. I’ll comment further if I pull through this stroke or heart attack or whatever is causing me to lose consciousness.

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    • Hank,
      You may read what Quran says about those who follow their leaders/fathers without reflecting.
      David who wore his wife garment to approach Muslims in his video is nothing for me but lunatic.
      He keeps using this kind of approaches since Muslims can’t pay attention without a shock according to his claim!
      However, I chalkenge David to use the same style with Jews , especially that your ” all loving god” was a dressing them like this ( Snakes, breed of vipers, sons of satan).
      Would David even dare?


    • “Grrrrr”

      smetha smitten show biz kitten



  4. Paul, forgive me in advance. I’m sure this will come across as preaching and maybe that is exactly what it is, but all I want to do is be honest and help others. I only want for others something that has been so helpful for me. If I had 100 billion dollars, I’d want to give some of it away because it would help others. That’s how I feel. I just want to get that out there cause I don’t want to hurt anyone, you know? That’s not what motivates me.


    • jewish :

      “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.


      For God so loved the world that he did what many other people would have done — only to undo all his good with a much worse act later.

      sacrifice :

      How many stories are there of people who sacrifice their lives for
      others? Soldiers do it for their country. Parents do it for their
      children. Sometimes people give up everything they have to save a
      complete stranger in acts of great altruism. I bet if you were to ask
      a thousand people whether or not they’d be willing to undergo hours of
      being beaten, spat on, and then hung on a cross so that literally
      billions of humans past, present and future can access salvation, the
      majority would do it

      Add to this survey question the stipulation that not only would
      billions be saved, but three days after dying you would literally rise
      from the grave, ascend into the clouds and spend an eternity next to
      God. Surely just about every single person surveyed would say: “A day
      of suffering only to be resurrected and then lifted up to heaven for
      ever and ever? And to save people the world over? Sure, I’ll do it

      Thus, not only was his physical suffering not as horrible as it could
      have been — he wasn’t raped, drawn and quartered, etc., and his
      discomfort didn’t last weeks, months, years as it has for countless
      others — but Jesus had a kind of epistemic certainty about
      metaphysics (the nature of reality) and the future (what was going to
      happen to him) that no human could possibly have. It stands to reason
      that, as far as deaths go, Jesus’ wasn’t very impressive at all. I’m
      much more impressed by the stranger who drowns trying to save a child
      of no relation; and I’m much more moved and saddened by the pointless
      murder of the woman in the India.

      And, more importantly, how can something be “truly God” and “truly
      man,” when “truly God” trumps “truly man” and what does that mean in
      terms of a redemptive sacrifice of one’s own self, even if that self is
      just a lesser part? I cut off my arm as a sacrifice to myself in order
      to save you from my wrath? Is that the thrust here? Because I require a
      sacrifice in order to save you (a blood sacrifice, no less) and that
      sacrifice has to be “pure” in order for it to work in my mind, I
      therefore cut off my own arm (a “pure” arm) in order to satisfy my own
      requirments, therefore making the requirement larger than myself?

      Nor do I need to, even though, I just did, using your own terms.
      Complete God sacrifices that part of himself that is Complete Man (or
      Truly Man, or whatever other spin you want to put on it) to himself in
      order to save us from himself; a self-evidently irrelevant process that
      must therefore mean that the act of sacrifice is so necessary that not
      even God himself can avoid its mandate.

      “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.

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    • Great Comment Edward!!
      The doctrine Atonement by the cross is an insult to any intelligent person. But what is worse, it is an insult to the intelligence, might and power of God, who does not require nor limited by blood sacrifice in order to forgive. In order to believe in the doctrine of Atonement one must simultaneously accept that God did not know that he is an all powerful God who can forgive with but a word or though, sans blood sacrifice. One of the most beautiful things about the Abrahamic faith as held by both Judaism and Islam is that God can forgive us simply through an act of repentance. It is really that easy, Christians prefer to complicate the matter in order to maintain the irrational pagan based belief in a mythological Greco-Roman Man God.

      What an insult to the true One God of Abraham!


  5. @Hank I wasn’t saying this about all Christians but about a specific group of them. Abdullah mentioned David as lunatic and isn’t he a lunatic fooling his audience with absolute non-sense along with his buddy Sam Shamoun.?

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  6. Edward

    Thanks. I hope every Christian who reads your poem/monologue/khutbah etc. will convert to Islam right away. I have copied it to my desktop. I think it is good to counter the Christians who say;

    “God humbled/humiliated Himself to save us”

    The truth is;
    God does not need/ and will not humble/humiliate Himself to save anyone. He is the Almighty and he punishes who will not listen to him and pardon who listened to Him and repents. It is as simple as that. I hope Mr. Hank understand this and stop his long preaching that does not make sense to us with all due respect to Hank.


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