Islam: It is not by one’s good deeds that one will enter paradise but by Allah’s Mercy

The Muslim must recognize and be aware that it is ultimately only by Allah’s mercy that one will enter paradise:

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately, and receive good news because one’s good deeds will NOT make him enter Paradise.” They asked, “Even you, O Allah’s Apostle?” He said, “Even I, unless and until Allah bestows His pardon and Mercy on me.”

So here we see that it’s not by one’s good deeds that one will enter paradise but by Allah’s Mercy. However, Allah has commanded us to do good deeds and we would not be recipient of His mercy unless we obey His commands.

(Sahih al-Bukhari Volume 8, Book 76, Number 474)


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  1. Muslims are saved by the Rahma (Mercy/Grace) of Allah. “Saved by Grace!”

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  2. Yaa Allah Have Mercy on us who have many faults and shortcomings, grant us your Jannah. Aameen.

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  3. i have an off topic question.

    jesus told to repent for “The kingdom of god is at hand”
    he tells the people that their temple will soon be destroyed, repent .
    what makes no sense is that if judgement will be coming on the people then there is no way he could be a “willing sacrifice for sins”
    there is no way he could have thought to himself that he would die for the sins of those who destroyed the temple. christian theology is kind of screwed.

    in one stance you have the person telling people ,(before his “sacrifice”) TURN TO GOD

    in other you have christian sacrificed god.

    all confusing.


  4. In other words allah is capricious.


    • Graham

      What do you mean by capricious?

      When God became man to punish himself and save you?

      Is it not capricious for God to commit suicide to save?

      [kəˈpriSHəs, kəˈprēSHəs]

      given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior:
      “a capricious and often brutal administration” ·
      “a capricious climate”
      synonyms: fickle · inconstant · changeable · variable · mercurial ·
      volatile · unpredictable · temperamental · whimsical · fanciful · flighty · quirky · faddish


      Graham, you do not understand English language and you do not get what capricious means. Your God changed his mood or behaviour to save you by killing himself and that is what the above means.

      Our God, the God of Jesus has Mercy on us and forgives us free of charge when we sincerely repent. That is not capricious but Mercy from God.

      Jesus taught of repentance. Why will he waste his time teaching repentance for his followers if he died for their sins?



  5. This hadith is in contradiction to the Qur’an in MANY verses if taken too literally.

    You are good person…you get paradise says God in the Qur’an. Period.

    God says He is just and we will get what we earned……in multiple verses.

    To say we don’t get reward because of deeds is unjust.

    Surah Rahman says “What is for goodness other than goodness?”

    Of course, if the great God did not create us out of mercy, we would not exist…so we would not get goodness.

    All praise to God!

    But the reward of paradise is greater than what we deserve.

    However, there are multiple verses in the Qur’an that say that God gives to good people not just what they deserve but more!

    All praise to God!

    Surah 11 near end says God created good people out of his mercy to get rewarded…so that verse does harmonize to some point with this hadith.

    All praise to God!


    • I think it means that if God judges us without mercy,we won’t go to heaven,because of our shortcomings.But he forgives the shortcomings of all the believers,so basically we go to heaven by His mercy.I’m not a scholar or anything,so i could be wrong,this is just my interpretation.


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