Morgan Freeman Thinks the Muslim Call to Prayer is One of the Most Beautiful Sounds in the World

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman has said that the Muslim call to prayer known as the adhan is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

He made the comments as he visited an Imam at a Mosque when filming ‘The Story of God’ for the National Geographic.

Here it is:

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  1. Beautiful Adhan.

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  2. The prophet pbuh commanded ( Bilal) to call for the first Athan in Islam. Bilal (ra) had a beautiful voice. He was from the early early ones who embraced Islam. He was a black man. He couldn’t call for the prayer after the prophet pbuh died. He was so sad, so he just couldn’t. After many years when muslims captured Jerusalem, Sahabah insisted that Bilal to call for the prayer in Al Aqsa. He called for the prayer, yet he cried, and made all companions of the prophet burst into tears because they remembered the prophet pbuh.
    May Allah gather us with those people in the day of judgement.

    From Al masjid Al Aqasa

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