Part 1/2 : Br Hashim & Br Paul Vs Nathan || Speakers corner 2016

last Sunday

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  1. Good conversation. Looked like Nathan was taking a beating!!


  2. it is interesting to note that ehrman thinks that the reason why scribes could get away with adding to the text is

    1. the text was not memorised
    2. it was not considered holy

    christians have reduced the incarnation of the logos to “mere accident”


  3. Where is this, London? I’m way up North 🤔


  4. what one realises is that in all discussions with these trinitarians “jesus” or “divine logos” is DETACHABLE from divine powers.

    divine powers do not change, but the “logos” pluses himself to biological body.

    it is in effect saying

    logos – divine + biological body

    they are simply having a person (- divine powers) experience a human nature.

    this then would contradict “fully god” and “fully man” because the PERSON is not “fully god”


    • the guy who mansur is debating with thinks he can use philosophical terminologies to fool us, but we are not fooled.

      a blind person KNOWS how it is to feel being blind, he sees nothing

      God’s essential attribute of all cannot allow the feeling of what it is to be blind .

      God sees . God knows that what caused blindness and what the blind person is experiencing etc, but God cannot SEE nothing like the blind person

      the son in trinity , even though he have access to the same hearing, sight and knowledge of god, does not know the hour

      some christians today are making predictions like their “saviour” did, but “god the son” in his KNOWLEDGE lack information about the end even though he has access to the mind which know past, present and future.

      these christians cannot fool us.


    • christians in the video in which mansur is present is giving further proof he worships 3 separate gods.

      “does the son know that he is not the father?”

      this means that the same knowledge which gives the father the knowledge that the father is not the son and the same knowledge which gives the knowledge that the son is not the father


      or they have separate conscious persons who know that they are not each other. but then how do they know that? from the same “divine nature” LOL


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