Is Ismaa’eel Abu Adam A.K.A. Converted2Islam, a SECRET CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY ?



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    The Real Reasons behind the conversion of Ishamaa’el Abu Adam A.K.A Converted2Islam EXPLAINED BY JAY SMITH! Christian Missionaries Deceptive Method gets caught! Please share as much as you can to create awareness!

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  2. Ishamaa’el Abu Adam A.K.A Converted2Islam CONVICTED OF “Contextualization or “Insider movement” or “Tenet camouflage” A.K.A changing of HIS NAME TO ARABIC, GROWING A BEARD LIKE MUSLIMS, and PRAY LIKE MUSLIMS. IE PRETENDING TO DECEIVE MUSLIMS TILL HE CAN BACKLASH!


  3. Hmm, I think he sincerely left Christianity and became a Muslim. I don’t think think he was an undercover Christian missionary. The length of time he was a Muslim for is way too long for an undercover Christian missionary.

    Those comments at the end of the video about what he thinks the Bible teaches about Jesus may have the Christians out with pitchforks and torches. Run and hide Abu Issmaeel!

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    • If he truly was a Muslim, I think Paul Williams did his best to reach out and call him back to the Deen of Allah the straight path of reason and rationality. And May Allah Guide him back home to Islam.

      But, to be honest, It always seemed like Neil Littlejohn never really spoke from his heart, instead all of his videos reflect him reading almost robotically and without emotion from a script. This was enough to leave me suspicious.

      We have seen “Sleeper Missionaries” like him fake an entry into Islam, only to secretly maintain a belief in Christianity and then later come out and “return” to Christianity where they can sell themselves to gullible and naïve people as “experts” on Islam with some credibility as someone who was “once a Muslim and left Islam.” They then make a lowlife career out of slandering Islam and Muslims. Christians love to hold this kind of story up as proof that Islam is an inferior belief, even if their proof is based on nothing but sheer deception.

      What is exceptionally frustrating is that these same Christians then have the gall to turn around and accuse Muslims of Taqiyya. What an Ironic joke!


    • I ,also, think he was sincere when he left Christianity.
      After all, the hearts belong to Allah, and that why I think he struggles to believe that Jesus is God. May Allah get him back to the light from darkness. Just look to his face when he was a muslim and after he left Islam.


    • “It always seemed like Neil Littlejohn never really spoke from his heart, instead all of his videos reflect him reading almost robotically and without emotion from a script.”


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    • agree with brother ibn issam, when i was browsing through the old videos of “abu” it seemed as if he was reading always reading/rehearsed his speech, zero emotions! Today after ‘returning to jesus’ he is a angry ranter!


    • He was reading the postings he had previously published on his blog.

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  4. The brother who makes those vids is awesome at making vids though.

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    • Yahya Snow

      You are very good at exposing Christian deception on videos. It has really corrected most of their Christian distortions of our religion. May Allah continue to help you and give you good health to continue that job for Allah.

      What they do now is to create a professional websites and pretend to be Muslims. Upon critical reading on those web sites one will realize that they are Christians pretending to be Muslims and distorting our religion. Some of them do visit us here on blogging theology pretending to be Muslims while distorting our religion and asking us to accept what Dr. James White said with regards to our religion.

      These are some of the web sites noted


      A Muslim will not become a Christian just to convert Christians or create a web site pretending to be Christian and distorting their religion there. It is evil and satanic practice not sanctioned by the God of Abraham.

      We must beware on “muslim web sites” except the known ones.

      If they can do what Jay Smith did, then they can do everything to get converts from Islam. Islam is still growing despite all these.



  5. I cannot for the life of me imagine ever going back to being a Christian after spending (so far) 12 years as a convinced Muslim. I’ve gone through my share of stages *within* Islam, but leaving it altogether, especially to revert back to the stark ignorance and irrationality of Christianity is literally unthinkable.


  6. And wow, toward the end of the video. I can’t fathom, even at my most aggressively anti-Christian Salafi-jihadi stage right after converting, saying those sorts of things about Jesus `alayhi salām. Just wow.

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  7. astaghfirullah
    he said “jesus was tempted in everyway” and “he probably thought about idol worship”
    now he wants to worship the jesus who used “divine logos” nature to experience the human temptations.
    this is very sad.


  8. Were you making a point, or…?


  9. I would like to mention what impact Atabek Shukurov could have had on Ismaeel’s apostasy. As I remember Ismaeel became a Qur’anist shortly after he discovered the teachings of Shukurov. It was Shukurov’s book about hadith that either made him a Qur’anist or made his previously taken Qur’anist convictions firm.

    Shukurov’s principles of hadith are that every hadith that goes against modern secular morality is to be dismissed. Shukurov affirms secular morality as an Islamic principle. By that he opened the door for Ismaeel to reject Islamic beliefs and rules as being evil. Faith in Islam is uphold buy simply declaring hadiths as unhistorical. Since this mere declaration of historical facts as being false is not convincing for someone who does not want to believe it Ismaeel took the logical conclusion and left Islam.


  10. FOR EVERYONE, ISHAMEEL WATCHED THIS VIDEO AND IN RESPONSE HE [TWEETED] claimed that we Muslims claim, all those who convert to Christianity from Islam are fake, are doing conspiracy! HE SAID THIS TO MALIGN,NOTHING MORE!

    BECAUSE NO WHERE IN THE VIDEO, does it say all Christians who convert to Islam and revert back to CHRISTIANITY are considered deceivers, etc. Please dont take parts of the video out of context and change the whole meaning!

    It can be possible that a person might come to Islam and revert back to Christianity, but i won’t flag everyone as a “insider movement” puppet!

    This was evidently as shown in the video only applicable for THIS “abu” guy, and I believe even non Muslims/christians can catch his deception, fakery and fallacies.


  11. I think we might have a textbook case of missionary taqiyya. I’ll upload a video exposing it very soon, insha’a Allah.

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  12. How would you define each of those things, so I can assure accuracy? Because God is Perfectly Unique and doesn’t occupy a genus, we need to be very particular about the terms with which we describe Him.

    In technical Arabic terms, God is the واجب الوجود – the Necessary Existent. So He’s the One and Only *that.* I would tend not to use “person,” because that implies humanity. “Entity,” to me anyway, implies some sort of creation as well. Being is good enough, I guess…


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