She Claims Jesus Spoke To Her About The Trinity…

Here’s a comment I received from a YouTube user. This person claims they heard Jesus tell them the Trinity doctrine is NOT correct. I’m not entirely sure what her theology is.

This is exactly what I heard the other night. Jesus told me thatHumans got the trinity all wrong.” He gave me the understanding that the Trinity doctrine that there are three ENTITIES in one God is incorrect. There is God, His Word, His Spirit. God sent Jesus to us as the WORD made flesh. Jesus told us he would not leave us orphans and God’s Spirit was sent to us. Ultimately, not three entities, just our Father giving us his WORD as the lamb of God and much more, and his Spirit to comfort and guide us. So simple yet religion and it’s scholars cannot figure it out. It takes God to make something clear to us..


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  1. Yahya,
    You are right to question her theology. I think that the Bible never leads to pure clarity, but only results in various levels of confusion.

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    • It seems to me that this poor girl may have come to the understanding that the Traditional Trinitarian theology is false and wrong. But instead of rejecting Trinitarian theology, she is desperately trying to hold on to it by trying to force and make it fit into her understanding that God is One, while somehow maintaining a belief in the Trinity….This is nothing new.

      This deluded girl has engaged in the heresy of Arianism.

      She expects us to believe that throughout all of history she is the only person to ever have understood the Trinity. Keep in mind that Christians say if you understand the Trinity, then you don’t understand it. It is supposedly a mystery, which is why it simply doesn’t make any rational sense to the intelligent mind whatsoever.

      If Prophet Jesus was really speaking to her, I am sure the message that would have come out loud and clear would have been………

      “La Illaha Illa Allah” There is no God except God (The One True God).

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    • There is no way that the rational mind can justify the false doctrine of the Trinity. Any attempt she makes at explaining it will be wrong. The only way out of the theological conundrum that this misguided girl is struggling with is to either reject the Trinitarian Theology completely, or to reject NT scripture which is the source of such confusion, either of which will necessitate the wholesale rejection of traditional Christianity as a valid spiritual path.

      The good news is that path to Islam is open to her!!! She is welcome to enter through the door of Shahada (witnessing that there is no God except God and Prophet Muhammad is his Messenger).

      Through Islam she can maintain a firm belief in the absolute unique Oneness of God, as well as her belief in his Prophet and Messenger Jesus without the unnecessary extra baggage of the confusing Trinitarian doctrine.

      I pray that Allah will Guide her to the straight path (Qur’an 1:6)

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  2. “She Claims Jesus Spoke To Her”

    Does this mean that some gullible Christians in the Apostolic Prophetic movement will now follow her as a “Living Prophet” of God, their own salvation hanging on her every word? I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Alhamdullah, Islam has a firewall against this sort of deviation – The Clear Guidance of Qur’an is the Last Testament of God and Nabi Muhammad is the last and final Messenger of God, “The seal of the Prophets.”

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  3. I mean…


    *backs away slowly as the eerie soundtrack fades up*


  4. Looks like she did not understand the trinity. Ken Temple to the rescue.

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