No justice, no peace – accept in the Mercy of God.


John Piper is a leading Christian author and pastor in the US.


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  1. the father saved jesus from eternal damnation even though jesus became cursed with all sins from all years. the father went against his own thought of eternal damnation.


  2. That should be our new catch phrase and motto: “Try Islam!” 🙂

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  3. No matter which way you slice it… it just don’t make no sense.


  4. What is he saying, Jesus was judged by the Father to the penalty of crucifixion?

    Piper believes a husbands and wives cannot remarry if their former partners are still alive. I don’t think he will have much support from young Westernized Christians


  5. You wrote / Tweeted:
    “Why did God judge and condemn an innocent person? makes no sense . . .”

    As I tweeted you when you put this up-

    Because the Eternal Son came willingly & voluntarily.

    John 10:18 – no one has authority to take My life from Me, I lay it down of My own initiative (willingly and voluntarily) . . . and I take it up again . . .

    what part of English “willingly & voluntarily” do you not understand?


    • “what part of English “willingly & voluntarily” do you not understand?”

      “god the father ” willingly poured his wrath on “god the son” who willingly wanted to receive wrath from “god the father” ?

      “god the father” + “god the son” + “god holy spirit” willingly poured wrath on willing “god the son” who wanted to willingly receive his own willing wrath?

      so the son gets battered by his own wrath?

      you are saying “god willingly wanted to get judged by his own willingly wrath which was willingly poured on him”

      careful of your blasphemy.


    • At the end of verse 10:18, it says “..This commandment have I received of my Father.”

      Again in other places, Jesus(as) says “..not according to my will, but to your will”

      and finally on the cross, he even cries “..why have your forsaken me? ”

      It’s a bit confusing reading through all these that Jesus(as) laid down his life willingly and voluntarily.


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