90% Of The Quran Is Not About “Shariah Law”


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Joe Bradford

In a recent CNN interview on Nov 18th, 2016 Kayleigh McEnany, Trump surrogate and political commentator, quoted Andrew Mccarthy (a National Review columnist) as an “Academic” source for her statement “…that 90% of the Quran is a legal document and is Shariah…”

1st: Andy McCarthy is former prosecutor and has no academic study of Islam under his belt.

2nd: The numbers dont lie. Look at these two slides from a recent lecture I gave on Case studies in Islamic law. Out of the 6236 verses of the Quran, less than 9% are about law or legal issues.

When analysing a typical work of Islamic “law”, we can see that 65% of it is not even “law,” instead it is personal custom and devotion.

If we took the 35% of Islamic legal compendiums dealing with contracts, family law, and state power as a derived from the Quran, that would…

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  1. But that 9% IS about the law and that law is backed by more than 70% of the Muslims in America. That las is NOT compatible with the Constitution, thus their cries for Sharia Law is an attempt at usurping at least and overthrowing at its worst, the federal government and the Constitution. Sharia Law is barbaric, tyrannical and oppressive. If you should like to live under Sharia Law, there are plenty of other countries that would be more compatible with your thought.


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