Allen West “Openly Speaking About ‘EXTERMINATION’ of Muslims” on Facebook

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DTT: This is one of the most sadistic and evil post’s I have seen on Facebook. Allen West, who proudly calls himself a “Christian” today, posted a graphic openly speaking about “extermination” of Muslims. The most sickening part of it all is how 10.000s of people liked his post and reshared. NY Daily News journalist, Shaun King was so disturbed that he wrote a long post on Facebook on this matter. He wants Allen West banned for life on Facebook. Authorities in America should take action against anyone who threatens the lives of people. Here is what Shaun King wrote on his Facebook page:


Allen West, who was a United States Congressman and a Lieutenant Colonel (convicted for beating an Iraqi Police Officer), posted this graphic to his 2.5 million followers here on Facebook OPENLY speaking about the EXTERMINATION of Muslims.

He should be banned for life from…

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  1. Yah only one small problem, Col West had nothing to do with the Meme…

    “” Message to our followers: Hello everyone. This is Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief of Last night I posted a meme without Col. West’s knowledge or consent which was inappropriate and crossed the line. I take full responsibility for this. It was wrong. I was wrong. It does not reflect Col. West’s beliefs. I (Michele Hickford) personally apologize for any offense caused – and especially to Col. West. to whom I apologize for adversely affecting his reputation, principles and values.”

    But hey facts and the truth never get in the way for Muslims


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