Atheist delusions


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  1. What is the problem, do you see some contradiction or disconnect?


    • I don’t. A painting indicates a painter only because I’ve watched painters create paintings. Same thing with buildings and architects. The data I’ve collected indicates that a painting must have a painter. I’ve never watched a universe be created, neither has anyone else I’ve known, or that I’m aware of in history so there is no data to indicate the universe must have a creator.

      Also with a painting even if One doesnt see a particular painting painted, one can typically trace it back to the artist. But the universe has several competing claims as to who created it. They can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong.

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    • Neato. So bin logic then. Good luck with your agnosticism.


    • Oh, no, I’m an atheist, but I appreciate the sentiment, it has been serving me well so far

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    • Oooh right. So you just jump to conclusions all willy-nilly. Well, good luck with THAT then 😂


    • Why would you assume I jump to conclusions all Willy nilly? It sounds like you may be the one who has issues with jumping to conclusions


    • Not really. You’re there banging on about collecting data, but you assume the non-existence of God because of a lack of empirical evidence. If you were such a (consistent) fan of empiricism, I should think you’d at least hesitate to take a position of denial.

      Oh well.


    • You know absolutely nothing about how or why I became an atheist. You just made all these assumptions about me based off of one comment that I made.l, that seems like the definition of jumping to conclusions. I understand you think I came to the wrong conclusion, I think you did too, no hard feelings. But it took me really 5 years of wrestling and researching and thinking and struggling before I said I was an atheist out loud. An action that o knew would strain several relationships with family and friends. Atheism is not a conclusion that I reached easily or quickly, or without much thought. Perhaps you should learn more about a person before you make your assumptions

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    • Perhaps you should read your initial comment again and then not be so indignant about giving clear indications that your decision was given impetus by dependence solely on lack of empiricial data.


  2. Indeed – who would deliberately design a natural world where the slightest variable can trigger a variety of genetic disorders, which can afflict everyone, even child, for which the best answer is arbitrary measures of ‘sin’?

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  3. Darthimon , would the problem of evil be your best evidence against the existence of God ?


    • The evidence is against an intelligent designer, be that a deity or something else. This apparently intelligent designer failed to demonstrate a great deal of intelligence.

      If we get to dive deeper into the metaphysical and theological questions, why would God choose to punish, en masse, an entire species, because God decided, on a whim, what is and is not a sin? It is ironic that there are posts here against abortion, considering that through inaction, God allows thousands of children to die to from disease and starvation, every single day.


  4. When I pondered and prayed to God about this issue, I came to the conclusion that there is no problem of evil….no problem whatsoever.

    If all was well….like if everyone was protected miraculously when an earthquake happened…and if everyone was protected miraculously when a flood happened, and so on…

    Then the test on each of us will vanish in thin air…it would be obvious as 1 +1 =2, that someone is protecting us and the issue of putting forth intelligent faith of our lives and of signs around us would not exist…

    again, it would then be absurd to think there is a test.

    Thus, there is no problem of evil…I can understand that it is emotionally troubling and THAT is part of the test but there is no problem intellectually speaking.

    I don’t have time to debate this or argue this but I felt I wanted to pass this on to all my fellow human travelers.

    I hope we all have happy travels in our tests and I hope we all choose to have a happy destination for each of us.



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