Abortion: a great sin



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  1. An emotive plea, but did you know 70,000 women die every year because they can’t get an abortion?


  2. Darthtimon neglects to tell you that it is abortion (mostly backstreet abortion) that kills them, not the child.


    • What you neglect to realise is that backstreet abortions happen because women have no option but to turn to them. Were they carried out in medical facilities, the deaths would be greatly reduced.


    • Generally they also have the option not to abort, or for that matter not to engage in intercourse that can result in unwanted pregnancies.

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    • You assume they have any say over whether they have intercourse. You assume they will survive the pregnancy. Also, what of rape/incest cases, cases where the baby will not be viable, or suffer a life-limiting condition? Do you know of the psychological and emotional impact of carrying a child? Or the physical trauma involved?

      How many of you have actually spoken to WOMEN and sought their views, instead of callously dismissing them?


    • You should talk to women who are psychologically tortured thinking what would their offspring have grown up to be had they not killed it many years ago…

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    • That didn’t address anything that I said. You may also want to add to it the emotional harm that goes with giving a child away.


    • That harm is far less than killing the child.

      Btw are you an atheist? Atheists are usually the first to justify killing on an industrial scale – think Stalin etc. Only religion holds life sacred.


    • Yet you didn’t have much to say on the deaths of thousands of women…


    • At what point does killing babies become murder for you?


    • The same point that allowing women to die becomes murder for you.


    • I do t understand you answer. So you are saying it’s ok to kill babies up to what point? Please address the question directly. Your evasions suggest you are not comfortable answering


    • Your question is flawed. Your own evasion highlights the hypocrisy of your questioning technique (recall how fond you are of asking binary questions, and yet how quick you are to avoid answering them).

      A foetus in a womb at 12 weeks will have no self-awareness. Using the emotional plea that it is the same as a baby (typically the aim of pictures of newborns used in abortion discussion, a clear aim to manipulate the reader). 92% of abortions happen no later than 12 weeks. 66% happen even sooner.

      You have yet to address why you think it’s OK for 70,000 women to die in the name of a ‘pro-life’ movement (the irony there is staggering).

      You keep referring to atheism and casting broad brush strokes about it, whilst simultaneously complaining of broad strokes being applied to Islam.

      Neither of us are women, and abortion affects women the most. Unless you have been put through their circumstances, you cannot pass judgement on them.

      This is about freedom on the most basic level – the freedom to make decisions about one’s own self, especially regarding life-changing events. No one I know would ever pretend it’s an easy decision, but is it the right of any singular religious organisation to impose a judgement upon everyone else, least of all in respect of their own bodies? As the quote about said, it’s about freedom.


    • It’s a perfectly valid question: I’m still not clear at what point does a baby (unborn or born) become eligible for full protection of the law? Where do you draw the line – and why?


    • Abortion is legal in England up to 24 weeks under the Abortion Act 1967. However, if there is a substantial risk to the woman’s life or foetal abnormalities, there is no time limit. There is also no age limit for treatment. This is the legal position here in the UK.


    • At what point do you consider killing of babies to be murder? This is a serous question.


    • A big fat lie. No one is forced to kill their baby. There are other options.

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  3. Here’s a question for you – is it moral to allow a woman to die through being pregnant? If an abortion were the only means to save her life, what would you do?


  4. I’d like to see some women get in on this dialogue; these guys are boring.

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