**A MUST WATCH!!** Lord of the Gods!?!? Hashim & Paul debate Nathan| Speakers corner

Published on 12 Dec 2016 by SCDawah Channel. I join the discussion at 34 minutes. Youtube description:

‘P2 – Jesus who!? Hashim & Paul debate Nathan , very interesting debate that has 3 parts to be released soon, brother Paul enters the fray in the next part, a MUST WATCH!!

For some reason unknown to me youtube wont let me edit the video so ive had to upload it as an hours vid..

please watch it all it has very important information for both Christians and Muslims! May Allah swt bless these knowledgeable brothers for there efforts’

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2 replies

  1. “For i did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that i have spoken.”

    people disrespect the english language. what gives the father the power and authority to command the son?
    obviously his divine powers.

    does the father need the son when he says , ” i command you to do x, y and z?”

    jesus admits that the father has control over him.

    one can control the roles one has because roles are LESS than the person, but when jesus is ORDERED , he has NO control over it

    for example

    father says

    “the pharisees say x, i COMMAND you to say y and z”

    if jesus has access to the same power which gave the father the ability to GIVE THE COMMAND, would he even need to be commanded?

    like i said. abuse the english language. disrespect it. and play with it.
    this is the game of trinitarian christians.


  2. nathan: i believe jesus is man

    nathan, do you believe god was working through god and then through jesus?


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