Forest Hill Knife Man Shouted “Go back to Syria, Death to Muslims”

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It is reported from multiple British newspapers that a man stabbed a passenger on a train station in South London, before chasing people and shouting “ I want to kill a Muslim”, witnessed have said.

Witnesses on the train have said that the knifeman stabbed up a man while he was sitting with his wife.

The attacker was chasing people and suddenly came to face to face with a Hijabi woman. Witnesses reported they heard him ask the Hijabi Muslim woman, “where is your man?”.


Other witnesses have said he was chasing people non-stop looking to stab any Muslim.

It was reported that the knifeman had hatred towards Syrian refugees. A witness said:

“He was walking towards me and he was shouting stuff like “Death to Muslims” and “Go back to Syria”.

Shellby Curry, from Forest Hill, London, was with her one-year old child when she saw the knife man…

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  1. Will the biased media label this as anti-Muslim Terrorism? – Doubt it.

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  2. May Allah protect our brothers and sisters.


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