Israeli Knesset Introduces New Law to Ban Women from Holiest Site

The “Only Democracy” in the Middle East, Israel, has had 16 lawmakers introduce a bill that would effectively ban women from wearing shawls at the Western Wall, from reading Torah at the Western Wall and from other religious practises. Haaretz reports:

A group of 16 members of the ruling coalition submitted a bill to the Knesset on Sunday that would prohibit any practices at the Western Wall that are not deemed strictly Orthodox. The bill would prevent women from wearing prayer shawls and tefillin, from reading from a Torah and from blowing a shofar at the Jewish holy site.


Western Wall (center-foreground), Masjid as Sakhra (background).

It would also prevent men and women from holding mixed services at the area known as the upper plaza, right above the gender-separated prayer plazas adjacent to the actual wall. If passed into law, the bill would constitute a major setback for Women of the Wall, the multi-denominational feminist prayer group, which has been holding a monthly prayer service at the Western Wall for the past 27 years. Many of the participants in this service wear prayer shawls and tefillin, and the group has been fighting for years to be allowed to read from a Torah scroll at the site.

Those who violate its restrictions would face heavy sanctions: six months in prison or a 10,000-shekel fine.

The push for this ban, comes from the same sect of Judaism that banned women from driving in London, in order to protect the women’s modesty. This also follows from a related sect of Judaism banning women from going to University, due to the possibility of women learning dangerous things, the decree was made in New York but applies to the sect’s followers worldwide.


Christian and Nationalist groups have yet to protest this oppression of women in the Middle East’s “only democracy”, they have also yet to complain about the religious Jewish groups importing oppressive and archaic religious laws into their secular countries as much as they have complained about the Shari’ah being “anti-women” and barbaric.

and God knows best.

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  1. Have not you heard the news?
    Satan decided to send his students to learn the hypocrisy from christians!
    No one can compete them!


  2. On the face of it I have no problems with them deciding what is prohibited in their places of worship.

    I do think there a couple of reasons why Westernized Christians won’t make a big deal out of it just like they don’t criticise driving bans in certain orthodox Jewish communities in the West and the traditionalist group of Jews in Israel, that makes up about 10% of their population, which actively opposes Westernization.

    2 reasons why the Wood-type Westernized Christians will remain quiet:

    1. They know the Jews will call them on hypocrisy by pointing to some of the things in the Hebrew Bible which the Christians believe to be from God too.

    2. The demonisation of the Jews doesn’t suit Western agendas.Western governments aren’t looking to invade or control Israel and its affairs so there’s no push to dehumanise Jews with persistent propaganda so there’s less protestation upon news Israeli families were killed in collateral damage whilst trying to bring them “freedom” (aka invade their country and take charge of their resources)

    “Patriots” like EDL, BF and the American Islamophobes (Christian and non Christian) will not be saying anything anytime soon about this.

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  3. those who are peddling returned jesus must view this as a mess in their plan. ken temple, “gods people” don’t think that jesus took away anything from them. the rules and rituals of the oral torah and written torah are more favored than your gods blood .


  4. Since the founding of the State of Israel, many apartheid laws have been passed and upheld which segregate, and unjustly limit the rights and movements of non-Jewish minorities, and the indigenous Palestinian peoples to live their lives freely with equality. When you have a country that regularly practices such injustice and discrimination, combined with extreme violence against its own “Untermenschen,” then is it really any surprise that such tactics will be later turned against Jewish citizens of the state who disagree, or have opposing viewpoints? This is the fruit of bad policy.

    I also agree that Jews should be allowed to decide what is prohibited in their places of worship. The Question is who decides that for the Jews? They will have to work this out amongst themselves.

    It is the overall system of discrimination and injustice directed at non-Jews that I am more critical of, and concerned about.

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  5. Another issue that may be playing out here, is the residual effects of religious conversion process.

    It is well known that secularized westerners in general, and often many westernized Christians as well engage in an ever changing understanding of morality and modern values. This often seems to cause them to be critical and averse to customs, practices, lifestyles of more traditional cultures which they perceive as outdated, backwards, and in need of “reform” according to their own skewed and biased understandings.

    IF the majority of Jewish members, and/or the leaders of “women of the wall” and their supporters are from a western secularized background, and ex-Christian converts to Judaism who previously practiced a lawless religion (Paul’s Gospel of freedom from the Law) this could combine and result in a population of convert Jews who are naturally inclined to be rebellious against the law of Torah, and critical of traditional Jewish religious practices and customs which they (rightly or wrongly) see as outdated and in need of reform.

    This is just a theory on a particular possible cause for the disagreement. I realize there are many other factors and related issues that are also involved.


  6. Shalom/Salam Ijaz Sir, could you write an academic article, that objectively demonstrates, that the NT contains clear and specific false prophecies. I have not seen such an article by any of you. Thanks.

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  7. Thanks. It would be great if you could include references from honest Christian scholarship agreeing with the conclusion that the NT has false prophecies. Anyways, here is a video for idiotic christians who believe that Allah is not the God of Israel. Allah is the God of Israel, but the Christian God certainly is not.


  8. Here is another great video, proving that Christianity is just another option on the Table, except with the added problem of False Testimonies, Internal Contradictions, Corrupted/Forged Texts (Mark 16:9-20) 1st Epistle of John 5: 6-7 etc and Idolatry and Historical Nonsense (i.e that Jesus was a Trinitarian etc)


  9. Final Video (I hope) only 4 mins. Morality of the Bible.


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