Critiquing the Critique of Early Islamic History

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The main argument about the criticisms of Early Islamic history has been put forward in recent times by Tom Holland, the fiction writer and historian (Islam – The Untold Story). His argument can be summarised as:

  • The religion was invented – about a century after the Arab Conquest – to justify Muslim rule; and
  • Prophet Muhammad did not exist at all (in the way history, so far, has told us).

Putting aside the absolute hilarity of his claims, his points have, nonetheless, been critiqued – as weak – in many places, the most succinct of which (on the net) includes:

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  1. No one in the field of Islamic studies takes Tom Holland seriously.

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  2. Much of Holland’s work is based on the theories of Patricia Crone, who has since admitted that her own revisionist history and theories are untenable in the light of accumulated evidence when examined in whole.

    It is amazing how much money, time, and effort the critics and opponents spend on trying to discredit Islam as a legitimate faith tradition. We should ask ourselves why is it that it is always the false revisionist narrative that gets all of the financial support and play in the media? Why is such poor and shoddy scholarship so quickly adopted, produced in film, and marketed to the masses? Why is it that every documentary about Islam, has to include the obligatory cliché critique which regurgitate various accusations against the religion. It seems that there is a disingenuous and hidden agenda involved that at the very least rejects honest truth telling.

    How refreshing it would be to see a nice professionally well-made documentary which takes an entirely positive approach in refuting the revisionist theories, while showcasing an accurate portrayal of Islamic History in its own context which actually reaffirms the traditional Islamic narrative based on the accumulated textual, historical, scientific and archaeological evidences combined. If any given organization or group of Muslims could support such a project it would be exponentially beneficial in setting the record straight in the minds of so many people who have been so misinformed by programs which have pushed the revisionist line for so long.

    Is a truthful documentary program (without the usual critique) about Islam too much to ask?

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