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  1. I was not aware that any book for Ibn Rajab is available in English. It’s really nice to see one. I like his phrases and the wisdom he wrote related to duties of hearts and Zuhd.

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  2. Insha allah I plan to read this book. In my usool al fiqh class, my sheikh made note of two facts in the contemporary Islamic discourse

    * It is not possible today to be “muqallid mutlaq” , e.g completely obedient to just any one fiqh. Not even strict “muqallidoon” can adhere to this and they have to break at some point from their maslak.

    * at the same time, it is not possible for any one (no matter his level of knowledge), to avoid being a muqallid. He has to at some point do “taqleed” nevertheless.

    He gave several examples to prove his point. Basically he explained that people are using different terms to describe their position in relation to taqleed. But in reality all those terms when you analyze the meaning of what their proponents are saying boils down to actually “following” or taqleed nevertheless. Then the sheikh explained there are as many as 26 opinions, quoting, ibn hazam (if i still remember correctly), on what an average Muslim to do.

    So as such the “muqallid” and “ghair muqallid” debate is not very productive. Both sides have “truths” . The solution is to humble ourselves before Allah and seek his guidance. The suggestion of Sheikh ultimately was every individual (aami) muslim should place trust in well known and respected scholar in his approach and area and follow the opinion trusting that the opinion will bring him closer to Allah. His choice to follow a particular sheikh should be based on “taqwa” not “hawa”.

    Secondly he also suggested that on specific issues, some one known and accepted for his expertise. For example in matters of “finance” you don’t go to someone specializing in family law and vice versa.

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