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  1. in mythology are there any transgender gods?
    any early christian writings which said that the divine sophia became fully female and male ?


  2. there is absolutely no way mary thought that she birth two natures.
    just to think about it is disgusting .

    james white needs “divine revelation” to prove 2 natures exited a woman.

    what a disgusting thought these christians have.


  3. I ask myself this all the time. People always say Jesus walked our paths and know what we go through. But I wonder how different His experience would have been had He been born a female.

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  4. i wonder who said this ? :

    he who takes my place in suffering does not, and cannot, take my sufferings. These cannot be the same for him as they would be for me, simply because he is not I.

    In his place I should not feel precisely as he did; I might feel more, I might feel less; I should certainly feel differently; my penalty, therefore, cannot be transferred to him..


  5. The real issue of that saying that it implies that God had not understood/known us till he became human! It says that the knowledge of God is limited.
    In Islam, the knowledge of Allah is absolute, and Allah knows us and understands us more than we know ourselves.

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  6. Excellent point. It is also species biased.

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