In Memoriam

NT Scholars (or those who made contributions to NT scholarship) who passed away in 2016:

Helmut Koester – January 1
John Ashton – Feburary 3
Maarten Menken – March 21
James Robinson – March 22
Dennis Nineham – May 9
Kenneth E. Bailey – May 23
John Webster – May 25
John Pilch – July 22
Marie Isaacs – August 9
J. Alec Motyer – August 26
W. Barnes Tatum – August 26
Peter Flint – November 3
Joseph Fitzmyer – December 24

The Rev Dr Marie Isaacs, B.D., D.Phil., was my tutor at the University of London in NT studies. She was a formidable woman. She earned both of her two PhDs.

I met Rev Alex Motyer when he gave a lecture in London on the authorship of Isaiah. As a conservative evangelical he argued that the complete book was authored by the prophet Isaiah, a view that is not widely accepted by scholars today – see article here.


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