Ex-Muslim Neil Littlejohn now claims “Jesus” visited him..

fullsizerender-13Ex Muslim, Neil Littlejohn (formerly known as Ismaeel Abu Adam),  is now claiming to have had a vision of Jesus. He even wants to take a polygraph test (a lie detector test).

Look, somebody claiming to have seen Jesus is nothing new, the conman Kamal Saleem has peddled a story of Jesus appearing in a vision (well actually he has peddled at least 3 versions of that story!) while charismatic folks like Zak Gariba (a supposed ex-imam) tell  us Jesus speaks to him!

Claiming Jesus is appearing to you is a sure-fire way of getting some attention in the charismatic Christian movement and, let’s be frank, a bit more cash in donations if that’s what you’re asking for.


My focus here is, did Neil see the devil depicting a Hollywood-style presentation of Jesus? Neil’s description of Jesus doesn’t tie in with what most people would expect of a Middle Easterner living in 1st century Palestine – Neil has more of a Hollywood image of Jesus in mind. Christians like Jay Smith believe the Bible teaches Jesus was “ugly”.  Will Neil claim he saw an ugly man in his vision in line with those “Christian” teachings of his co-religionists?

In this video we ask people to consider whether Neil is lying, wishful-thinking or simply conned by the devil whilst offering vision/dream stories that aren’t being widely told to our Christian friends..

My advice to Neil is to take time off the net, stop trying to please your new followers and remove the patreon donation links. Be sincere and embark on honest research for the truth without being clouded by thoughts of self-aggrandisement, approbation from internet crowds, past bad experiences with Muslims and monetary gain. Look into the Trinity idea and pure Abrahamic monotheism (Tawheed), ask yourself which makes more sense as being a consistent teaching from the messengers of God.


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  1. the mother of neil’s god is making more visitations than jesus.
    his face has the curse of man worship. you can always tell christian apart from other human beings.


  2. https://isthatinthebible.wordpress.com/2016/05/20/jesus-the-shapeshifter-in-early-christian-tradition/

    Polymorphism is a special category of metamorphosis. In Greco-Roman literature, it was the ability of divine beings to change their own form. (Not all scholars use this definition, but it seems the most suitable one for this article. See Lee, p. 177.) A polymorphic god can change forms sequentially, or even appear in different forms to different people at the same time.

    this kafir would have been choosing from a plethora of gods
    greek and roman beliefs “polymorphised” in modern day christianity.


  3. “i’ll do any scientific tests”

    is no different than “500 people saw mary or jesus”

    how many people are really going to go and check anything neil or paul said except that you can’t do any scientific tests on unknown 500 or pauls claims?

    people say “i’ll do any…” is to make the story sound convincing to the easily fooled.


    • He’s now asking for us (specifically me) to pay for these tests!

      Considering he is the one who, straight off the bat, suggested a test one would think he would be willing to pay for it. Maybe he’s just getting used to the patreon life where others pay for your cameras and your lifestyle

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  4. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  5. We have the accurate descriptions of the Prophet Muhammad in the Islamic traditions while Christians have no description of Jesus from the New Testament. Since the visions always differ on fundamental and major points we cannot take them seriously. The “Christian healers” are doing the opposite of the Bible’s teachings and living in complete luxury, they have large amounts of wealth when Jesus said “Blessed are the poor” and made it difficult for rich people to enter heaven. If this counts as a proof what about the healings taking place in other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism? How can these visions be true when Christianity has been debunked and disproved by the very Western civilization in the last 300 years during the Renaissance? They have moved away from Christianity and succumbed to atheism and skepticism while Muslims have strongly held unto their religion.

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  6. He probably saw a hipster and confused him with Jesus. It happens.


  7. Everyone has his story. Sometimes it is from God and sometimes it is from Satan. Nabeel Quraish’s story is that he has seen crosses and David Wood guiding him to heaven. David Wood guiding someone to heaven? Since one will not know whether what he saw is from God or Satan, it is up to the individual to use his common sense and truth to determine whether what he saw is from God or Satan.

    One of the prominent Imams in Iraq long time ago claimed he heard a voice coming from sky when he was alone in a bush waking home. The voice told him it is God speaking but the voice said the Imam must claim to be a descendant of prophet Mohammed and ask people to listen to him alone and not other Imams. The Imam used his common sense and asked himself. Me, why will God speak to me in the middle of a Bush if I am not a prophet?

    The Imam then said “Auzu BillAllahi Mina Shaitanin Rajeem” -” I seek refuge in Allah from the curse satan”, then the voice disappeared and never repeated again and the Imam reached home and narrated his story.


    Sahih International: Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you; so take him as an enemy. He only invites his party to be among the companions of the Blaze.

    Pickthall: Lo! the devil is an enemy for you, so treat him as an enemy. He only summoneth his faction to be owners of the flaming Fire.

    Yusuf Ali: Verily Satan is an enemy to you: so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his adherents, that they may become Companions of the Blazing Fire.


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  8. So he has decided to become the second Paul?
    Christianity as whole began with a lile like this.

    About that pic, that dude has a long hair which is a disgraceful according to christians’ prophet Paul! ( 1 Corinthians11:14) .

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  9. This is not any dream/vision. This is the Creator of the universe (that is Jesus to Neil Littlejohn) who decided to show up in his office and knock the papers off his desk.

    Also, it seems brother Ijaz has offered to pay for the polygraph test. Let’s see what excuse Littlejohn will come up with next.


  10. I thought Jesus was a jew not irish…

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  11. Funny how his personal “Jesus” looks a lot like Neil himself.

    My guess: it was probably a mind reading bamboo plant from outer space masquerading as Jesus.

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  12. I’ve seen david wood twice in my dreams,both times he attempted to murder me(no joke).One of the dreams was yesterday.I’m a bit scared of him now lol.

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  13. Salam/Shalom Yahya Snow, I hope you are doing extremely well. Thanks for creating this article, your posts are always welcome. Does Neil know that a conservative scholar of this highest eminence has doubts on the Trinity, based upon academic reasons? Is there a way to contact Mike Licona, and get him to engage in a debate with Professor Anthony Buzzard? In a similar format, as he did with Larry Hurtado and James McGrath? Maybe Paul Williams, could help out with this effort? It would an absolute joy, for a debate between these individuals, further hammering more nails into the coffin of this abomination known as the Trinity.


  14. I don’t know why Muslim apologists bother even talking about this guy. He was a very minor figure even as an Islamic apologist, let alone as he is now. He’s living in your guys head rent-free. Ignore him and he’ll go away.

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