Translations of the Jewish Scriptures especially toxic to Christians, Rabbi Tovia Singer explains

Responding to caller, Rabbi Tovia Singer illustrates how Christian Bibles deliberately manipulated Jewish text and wove numerous Christologies into their “translations” of the Jewish Scriptures. Moreover, Rabbi Singer explains, Christian children are not trained in the Hebrew language. This renders them powerless to understand the Jewish Scriptures in its original language and to identify routine Church Bible tampering.


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  1. Wonder what Tovia singer would make of this….


  2. Christians have been crying tears of shock, over the wholesale rejection of Jesus as God and Messiah by the nation of Israel for generations, though they themselves reject Muhammad, claiming that Muhammad does not fit the prophecies in the Bible and that Jesus never spoke of him! Yet these excuses are being used by Jews to reject Jesus! They say that Jesus is not mentioned in the Bible and that he failed to fulfill the prophecies! Additionally, one can make the exact same argument, that Moses did not mention Jesus!

    I heard a Christian (Paulus) say that he doubts that Paul williams was familiar with the Bible and Christian Theology, when he converted to Islam. Well since wjem exactly was Paul, the founder of Christianity, a real scholar of Judaism? Yes he does make claims for himself as do others, but he quotes nonexistent prophecies, indicating he was not a scholar or just a lying false prophet. But more to the point, how many Christians became Christians after years of studying Torah, in hebrew and the tanach, before concluding, ”Oh My….I think Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity, and the Messiah. The Scriptures are Clear” Answer: Zero

    Christians are more inconsistent than James White.


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