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  1. Great. Much needed in today’s society

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  2. Looking forward! My only request is to use as much textual evidencies from Sunna and Quran as it allows to substantiate your interpretaions of the subject.


  3. Oh this should be good, I hope there are no ISIS Muslims in the audience


  4. Do you consider yourself to be a homosexual?


  5. Well, do you consider yourself to be Gay ie. Love and attention towards men and would consider a relationship even though you won’t carry out the act…

    Sorry, just heard your clip on YouTube and wanted clarity.


  6. I concur with Tony! You have my full support!

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  7. One more thing. It doesn’t matter if your’e hetero or homo you’re judged by your actions nothing more. You can be a heterosexual and commit immoral sexual acts. Just because you’re heterosexual doesn’t mean you can’t have immoral sexual inclinations.

    You sick fucks who attack a person just because they’re homosexual can go to hell.


  8. Br Paul May Allah strengthen you with confidence to deliver a great and informative lecture..Amin… nevermind the hate coming from the fallible sinners in here say.. Allah’s Love for you is much greater oh Servant of the one Most Loving, Most High…

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