A leading anti-Islamic Christian missionary asks for prayer.

Sam Shamoun is asking for prayer on his Facebook page today. In a breathtakingly frank admission of his faults he is humbly reaching out for God’s grace. Let us pray he will find the healing and wholeness only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala can give.



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  1. Leading anti-islamic missionary? I don’t know if I should take this as a compliment since your statement pays me an indirect praise for being a leader in exposing your death cult, while also vilifying me.

    BTW, it would be nice if you actually posted the entire context so others could see that the comments were made in response to my calling out White and holding him accountable for his inconsistent behavior towards Christians. I am sure you Muslims are going to love these posts since you will end up quoting them in order to produce more videos to put us against each other.

    Do remember that you and I are alike since you also have gone after your own like Abdullah Andalusi and Adnan Rashid, to name a few, which makes me respect you more since you are not afraid to hold your fellow ikhwann accountable.

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    • Sam, you publicly admitted to being repulsive. All this time your detractors were right. What took you so long?

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    • KSMACK, I was waiting for you say the same of your profit and how he treated women, minors and other groups who exposed him as a false wicked fatty and womanizer.

      So what’s taking you so long to condemn your vile profit for what he truly was?


    • Keep waiting you self-proclaimed repulsive piece of crap.


    • “Christian” inconsistencies are obvious, not only for Muslims


    • hear some good words from the jews who impaled your false messiah

      quote :

      It was also God’s Temple & Jesus supposedly tried to clean “his Father’s house”? Did Jesus fail to clean it & so “God’s House” must be destroyed by men? Jesus cursed a tree & he died on a tree as a curse & then “forsaken by God” like other Jews(?)(until the days to come when the Jews arise). Was Jesus cursed by God (just one more part of the curse on him & his fellow Jews)? Was his death a blessing for Jews? What does it mean that they (the Jews) were persecuted for Jesus’ sake? They are Jesus? Or, Jesus is the devil, like Egypt, Babylon, & Rome, the enemy of God who God uses as a tool to punish Israel, but in the end Israel is saved & blessed while the enemy is destroyed?

      According to Matthew, the devil was given the world to rule on earth & he tempted Jesus telling him that he could give it to anyone he chose. Shortly after that Jesus said that “he was given all the earth”. Sounds like Jesus sold out to the devil? Jews aren’t the only ones not living in a “utopia”; seems Christians are cursed as much or more?


    • Wait, Kmak is Aqil???


  2. do not blame shamoun he possibly has travma from childhood. he act like that. any expert can see that. his problem is not islam or muslims his problem is his past. basically he needs therapy. this is sad but this is what it is. please do not blame christians for his behavior. he is separate individual clinical case. he has no theology. he has no book. he has diarrhea of mouth.

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  3. “Anti-Islam” 😂


  4. Sam, I think your calling out of White is going to harm Muslim-Christian relations as right now the group who is opposing James for his discussion with Dr Qadhi is that which believes Muslims are terrorists or simply lying when they say Islam doesn’t teach terrorism.

    I think James’s initiative to have dialogues rather than debates with Scholars Is something that is much needed in the christian community (and Muslim community).

    Well done James (and Sam, you know I have criticised James in the past, but I think he should be commended here).


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