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  1. This is truly appalling. Dr White actually helped to advance dialogue between Muslims and Christians as well as increase understanding of the respective positions. He and Dr Qadhi should be commended – I can honestly say this initiative dialogue between Muslim and Christian theologians is going to improve the situation between Muslims and Christians immeasurably and it will have long reaching benefits.

    NO side lost “face” in this dialogue. I really don’t understand those criticising Dr White. I want to understand them and they can post their reservations here but if it is just that Dr White didn’t try to “refute” everything Dr Qadhi said then that’s because it was a dialogue (NOT a debate) and each speaker was trying to promote understanding of their theology.

    I really hope this can be a regular thing – both these two theologians get on. Muslims and Christians NEED to see this.

    One thing you’ll notice is these people up in arms at Dr White have probably never said a peep about gay marriage, female clergy and other encroachments of secularism into their churches but all of a sudden a Muslim theologian is invited into a church there’s uproar.

    I understand most people are more mature in their thought pattern and recognise the importance of Dr Qadhi’s dialogue with Dr White. Well done to both of them.

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    • Dr. White did a good job of peaceful dialogue and beginning a friendly relationship. This is very important in light of the tensions between the 2 communities.

      I hope they will do more of these, more in depth, and have more time to explore issues in more detail.

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    • It is time to end Muslim-Christian debates. For over a 1000 years we’ve been debating the same issues without going anywhere. Internet debates have taken this to a whole new level of stupid. Live and let live.

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  2. Ah Shamoun. Always the piece of shi’t.


  3. people can gave respeft for others and not agree with their faith. Im a Christisn abd hace Muslim friends and abhor the vile teachings and practices of Islam which are not acceptable in western society. my muslim friends are aware ofxwgat I think of Islam.


  4. Well, maybe there’s just no pleasing Sam Shamoun.

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  5. Can we please just have a moderated debate between Sam v (hell any muslim game enough to get in the ring)

    I know. Karim Kalif. He talks a big game.


    • Kaleef Karim would win that debate hands down – he’s a smart and informed guy. Aqil Onque is going to be debating Sam’s mentor, Christian Prince, tonight. Once Aqil finishes with that I’d suspect one of the big money-making Christian Islamophobes like David Wood or Usama Dakdok will be on Aqil’s minds. However, I don’t speak for Aqil, although we have discussed this in private, so you will have to ask him whether he wants to debate Sam or one of the bigger money-makers in the industry of anti-Muslim polemics. And my YouTube debate offer is still on the table to Sam…it’s been on the table gathering dust for years 🙂

      NOTE TO SAM: I have seen your FB post attacking me (as vile, wicked lying etc.) for defending Dr White. Please remove that post or edit it accordingly. The video above is not from me. It’s by MBC – click the title and it will take you to his page if you don’t believe me. Thanks.

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  6. Sam Shamoun is bipolar and very abusive in person. he has severe domestic disputes which is none of our business but that also has an impact in how aggressive he is towards others and the way he behaves. there are very reliable sources for this..he has very limited knowledge of Islam and his material which is plagiarised is also lacking in substance. I think it best if he is boycotted since every second word in personal conversation with those who know him is an f word and other vulgarities which he wont use publicly online. but so that you know he is on medical treatment for his tragic condition and i think we need to treat him the way we treat a mad man

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  7. I just watched the dialogue between James White and Yasir Qadhi. It was very refreshing to see a polite and respectful discussion on religion that, while acknowledging differences, focused more on theological similarities, and dispelling stereotypes, misconceptions, and worked toward building bridges, It is easy to see why some of the more hardline anti-Muslim polemicists would attack White for engaging with Qadhi in a way that glaringly does not fit in with their own false and ignorant portrayals of Islam and Muslims. That a Christian like James White is willing to approach Islam in a respectful manner, and address it in its own context, without resorting to the politics of fear and Islamophobia is a breath of fresh air. I hope he will continue along these lines. James White and Yasir Qadhi should both be commended for doing the right thing by politely dialoguing with each other in a way that honors and respects both religious traditions. In this day and age, we need more of this type of peaceful dialogue. Inshallah, I hope that this will lead to more understanding, acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation between faith leaders and people of faith on both sides.

    Beyond Debate: A Friendly Dialogue Between Christians & Muslims (Part 1)

    Beyond Debate: A Friendly Dialogue Between Christians & Muslims (Part 2)

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