War breaks out between the anti-Islamic missionaries

At no other time in the history of Christianity did love so characterize the entire church as it did in the first three centuries. And Roman society took note. Tertullian reported that the Romans would exclaim, “See how they love one another!”

But no longer it seems. Those Christian missionaries who prey on Muslims, insult them, and lie about the beautiful religion of Islam not only hate us but each other! 

Now the poison is spewing out in public all over the internet, especially on Facebook and Twitter.

Accusations of ‘heresy’; childish name-calling; shaming; allegations of apostacy and betrayal, etc, are now common place. Below are just two examples from today. Visit the relevant Facebook pages for numerous other examples.

One might ask: how soon before Sam attacks David Wood?

So far he has attacked:

Dr Tony Costa

Dr James White

Jonathan McLatchie (before making up)

Dr Mike Licona

Here Sam Shamoun accuses fellow missionary Dr Tony Costa of “heresy”


Here Sam Shamoun and Dr James White slug it out:


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  1. What did Tony do that makes him a heretic in Sam’s view?

    I can understand if Sam goes against Jonathan for his monothelite stance. But what did Tony do?

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    • if you trawl through Sam’s Facebook you will probaly find some reason

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    • Fawaz, FYI, I am not a monothelite. Monothelitism has been traditionally understood to be a heresy.


    • then why did you say Jesus has one will in the video? Changed your mind?

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    • Also, Sam does not view Tony as a heretic. Sam was making a joke. He does it all the time. Sam thinks highly of Tony.


    • Jonathan, how do we know it is a joke? It’s not very funny to call someone a heretic publicly, especially as Sam who is always denouncing people as traitors, apostates etc (eg Dr James White recently).

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    • Paul asks, “Jonathan, how do we know it is a joke?”

      Well, I spoke to Sam on the phone on Sunday and he spoke highly of Tony there. He also posted on his FB page that it was intended to be taken as a joke. I understood it as a joke when he first said it, because Sam makes jokes like that all the time.

      Paul asks, “then why did you say Jesus has one will in the video? Changed your mind?”

      It depends what you mean by saying that Jesus has one will. You have to understand the nuances of my viewpoint which I have spelled out more than once to you. I absolutely reject that Jesus ever possessed two centers of consciousness that conflict with one another in terms of will — that view seems to me to be fundamentally indistinguishable from nestorianism. However, Jesus most certainly had two wills in the sense that in his human nature he desired to eat, drink, sleep, rest, etc etc. To reject that Jesus has two wills in that sense would be monothelitism which is indeed a heresy. But I have never ever asserted that in any of my articles or talks.

      I hope this clarifies.



    • “It’s just a joke”.

      ” Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” – Ephesians 4:29.

      Was his label of you a joke during the Gundry issue? (Jonathan will not dare repeat what Sam described him as during this incident).

      Was it a joke when he posted on Facebook that CP is a good Christian source on Islam, but them belittled and mocked CP in Facebook messages with us, the very next day?

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    • Jonathan,

      You’re confusing urges and will. Jesus’ desire/urge to sleep, eat and drink are not. Will is something else (see the article responding to you on this topic which I posted in the Apologetics Academy FB group).


  2. Looks like the Kingdom of Satan is divided. Lol.

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  3. Sam is angry and jealous of JW for getting regular debates with Muslim apologists and scholars while midget Sam is busy scratching his fat belly, everyone boycotting him.

    Who would want to debate this vile, satan incarnate midget Sham?

    James White is a gentleman and has love towards others. He truly follows the NT. James White will get many more debates and get known more as s someone who is serious and will get recognised around the world.

    Sam, When you respect other people’s faith and wash your filthy mouth, then maybe, just maybe Muslims will start debating you. Until then, be sure to see JW in more debates with Muslims.

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  4. See more detalis on the sorry state of the anti-Islamic missionaries here:



  5. David Wood will stay out of this in my opinion as he has the most to lose being the big money-maker out of the “Christians” who capitalise on the islamophobia industry to mock, insult and use low level polemics against Muslims and Islam in a look-at-me style “evangeli$m”

    I think Dr White’s public push-back of that approach is making certain people nervous hence this divide.

    Sam attacked ABN’s Bassim Goriel’s integrity in handling donations a while back but nobody really looked into it so I guess this claim of heresy will be left without any explanation too. I always thought Tony Costa was a hardcore Calvinist. Not sure what “heresy” he believes in.

    Got to say I feel sorry for Dr White. This guy goes out of his way to do something different and get Muslims and Christians to understand each other better. What does he get for it? A bunch of people (Christians), who aren’t even clearly explaining what their gripe is, trolling him with abuse. Not to mention look-at-me folks like David Wood trying to debate him like debating him would be debating Dr Qadhi by proxy.

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  6. May Allah expose them all.

    Surah 19:37
    “Then the factions differed [concerning Jesus] from among them, so woe to those who disbelieved – from the scene of a tremendous Day”

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  7. Note: I got a message from a Christian friend who contacted Sam. The comment about Tony being a heretic was sarcasm according to him.


  8. Shamoun was joking about Costa. That’s been made clear to you. Shamoun has said so, his friends have said so, and nobody has offered a good reason to doubt this. I believe you should amend your post to no longer spread misinformation on this religious TMZ-style post.


    • There is EVERY good reason to doubt it Ken.

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    • On the 5th of January Sam praised White on his public Facebook page and shared a DL episode, encouraging others to learn from him.

      Today he’s referred to him as wicked, vile, nasty, repulsive.

      When should we rely on Sam’s word, when he can’t rely on his own?

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    • Your genetic fallacy actually supports my point. Shamoun publicly flipped on Dr. White. He did not pretend that he did not. He continued to bash White. Shamoun and White’s friends support this narrative. Now we have a normal scenario for when Shamoun turns on someone.

      Unless there have been new developments, this is not at all what happened with Costa.


    • Paul, such as……?


  9. That’s a different “Ken”, but I tend to believe that he was joking. (with Tony Costa)

    If people have patience, that, and some of the other things will be cleared up.

    Let’s all be more patient in this situation.

    Even Islam teaches you to be more patient.



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