Dr. James White: Sam Shamoun Views Himself as a Prophet

Calling Christians

In a stunning critique of Sam Shamoun’s behaviour, Dr. James White revealed a shocking truth about Sam’s rationalizing of his use of insults, curses and abusive words towards those he finds himself at odds with.

YouTube Mirror: Dr. James White – Sam Shamoun Views Himself as a Prophet

and God knows best.

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  1. So much love for Sam. You R O C K. As Oscar Wilde said “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about”. Your ability to mess with the heads of the pagan arab moon god worshippers is unparalleled.

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  2. I’m curious how do you Muslims justify your “use of insults, curses and abusive words towards” Sam?


    • Are Muslims just following in the footsteps of Mohamed. Following the Sunnah when you insult Sam?


    • Is Sam following the example and teaching of Christ?


    • I don’t think muslims who insult try to justify it.If i have ever abused anyone,i admit it is wrong and unislamic.

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    • Paul commits another logical fallacy

      “Is Sam following the example and teaching of Christ? ”

      My response: It is irrelevant if Sam is following Christ or not when he responds to the utter vileness that Muslims spew his way. Lets say he is what does that have to do with the disgusting things that Muslims have said to Sam for over a decade that I have known him? Lets say he is not again what does that have to do with the disgusting things that Muslims say about Sam?

      As Dr White pointed out in his show, you Muslims have him dialed in and deliberately provoke him to anger. Not much sport really when its so easy.

      But again what does Sam’s response to the Jihad have to do with what Muslims do in the first place?

      So again I ask when you Muslims say the filthy things about Sam is that following Mohamed?


    • lol you have no understanding of logical fallacies. I have not abused Sam. I permit him to comment on this blog despite the evil he spews out.

      Clearly you cannot defend his unchristian behaviour and are embarrass by him.


  3. Sam as you know Muslims have been trying to reach out to you for some time now on numerous occasions. Yet you continually spurn the invitation. For you it seems like any discussion between a Muslim and a Christian has to see sparks and insults fly. Sure some Muslims do insult you as they get involved in tit-for-tat spats with you. I think you’ll find Muslims are weary and bored of that. Sure you’ll continue to find teenaged online to engage in that stuff with but once they mature they will move on too. The question is when will you move on? You’re no spring-chicken.

    Dr White has made a number of points concerning you which are important for Muslims and serious minded Christians to hear (he said he has spoken to you in private over numerous years and held his tongue when he should have been more vocal) and he even humbly apologised to Muslim opponents he has engaged with in the past who came away with the impression James didn’t show love to them.

    Folks like Dakdok, Wood and CP who abuse Muslims have been put on notice – they need to listen to Dr White’s comments . Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town. I just hope he continues with his clean up operation. The number of “Christians” who are representing themselves, their desire to hate, troll and make a bit of money at the expense of Muslims under the guise of “evangelism” is an issue for the church.

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  4. the insufferable spiritual arrogance of all these people is sickening.

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  5. Meanwhile, this is what Neil Littlejohn is up to: When I converted to Islam, the first night I had a terrible nightmare. An ugly demon with large fangs came to me and said “Allah is Satan”.

    He probably saw Shamoun.

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  6. unholy trinity malachi z york and simon altaf and sam shamoun


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