Understanding The Hudud In Islam – Dr Jonathan Brown

This is with reference to the Yaqeen Institute research publication “Stoning and Hand Cutting—Understanding the Hudud and the Shariah in Islam.” Go #YaqeenBehindTheScenes with Dr Jonathan Brown, Director of Hadith Research at Yaqeen Institute. Read full publication here: http://bit.ly/2huuxqE
Visit http://www.yaqeeninstitute.org for more videos and research publications.


Categories: Islam, Life in the West

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  1. Dr. Brown is one of the most knowledgeable scholars working today in the west. What makes him a great addition to the Muslim American landscape though is not merely his prodigious knowledge of Islamic history, but his understanding of the various political challenges Muslims now face (see his posts for ImanWire). We need more people like that. I’ve recently created my own website with that as my goal. You can find it here: https://divergingthoughtsblog.wordpress.com/


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