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  1. Which Muslims though?


    • Not surprisingly you miss the point of the tweet: one does not go to ill-informed or disturbed Christians (as many do) to learn about Islam – but to informed Muslims.

      You might start to practise this obvious truth Paulus.


    • I really sympathize with this sentiment. As a Catholic, I’ve come across people who criticize my faith based on misconceptions. I then ask them how many books about Catholicism they’ve read that are written by Catholics. The answer is always none.

      Back in the day I started learning about Islam through non-Muslims. That was a mistake. Now I only use Muslims sources so learn about Islam.

      Paulus asked which Muslims? I would emphasize scholars from the Classical period over modern scholars. That’s just my opinion.

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    • Paul, please answer my question. Which Muslims shall we all listen to? I have a preference for Shias, so I assume you will approve?


    • Paulus, you have a preference for shias? lol which ones? There is a wide spectrum that goes under that name. But yes, you should go to them to learn more about their take on Islam, not radical Christian apologists.

      MAXIM: One does not go to ill-informed or disturbed Christians (like Sam and Wood) to learn about Islam – but to informed Muslims.

      Do you agree? You have failed to address this common sense maxim.


  2. Dear Dr Considine David Wood has publicly challenged you to a debate. Him and Robert Spencer on one side; you and Reza Aslan on the othside.

    Come on. We all want to see it.


  3. I agree Craig. Did you listen to Osama bin Laden? Or the Ayatollah Khomeini when he said modern islam condones sex with animals and minors. As Mark Steyn said he was quite a prominent muslim in his day.


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