The Laws On Domestic Violence In Muslim Majority Countries

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The Laws On Domestic Violence In Muslim Majority Countries


1. Albania
2. Algeria
3. Azerbaijan
4. Bangladesh
5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
6. Brunei
7. Chad
8. Comoros
9. Gambia
10. Guinea
11. Indonesia
12. Jordan
13. Kazakhstan
14. Kosovo
15. Kurdistan (Iraq – KRG)
16. Kuwait
17. Kyrgyzstan
18. Lebanon
19. Libya
20. Malaysia
21. Maldives
22. Mauritania
23. Mayotte
24. Niger
25. Oman
26. Pakistan
27. Saudi Arabia
28. Sierra Leone
29. Sudan
30. Tajikistan
31. Tunisia
32. Turkey

The relationship of Islam and domestic violence is clear. Among the earliest scholars of Islam, they prohibited abuse, and or physical violence against one’s wife (See section 11). This is one of the reasons many Muslim countries have adopted laws to protect wives from verbal and physical abuse from their husbands. The earliest days of Islam, scholars have punished abusive and intolerant husbands due to them hurting their…

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2 replies

  1. I only use a miswak!…….. But joking aside, it’s feeble to be violent with women and children. Muslims are not much different to other communities when it comes to domestic violence, although Europe has admirably made some great leaps forward in the past few decades to address the problem. It’s a bit of a shame on muslim countries to have to be educated by non-muslim countries considering that Muhammad pbuh had already educated them 1400 years prior.


  2. Read my blog post.

    ISLAM enjoins kind treatment of women and categorically forbids domestic violence. May ALLAH guide us all! Aameen!!


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