Dealing with Modern Day Qawm Lut


The Muslim Skeptic

It is inappropriate to call a modern “gay person” as being akin to Qawm Lut. Why? Several reasons.

First, just because a person calls himself “gay,” this does not mean he has committed same-sex acts. This person may simply have same-sex attraction but has, for whatever reason, not acted on it, whether due to lack of opportunity or whatever else. The crime of Qawm Lut was not that they had sexual desire for the same sex, but that they acted upon it defiantly, even after God sent them a prophet to warn them that what they were doing was a grave sin.

Secondly, a person may call himself gay and even engage in same-sex acts, but he nonetheless may not be aware of the gravity of this because he has not been advised and he has not been exposed to the truth. Therefore, our job is to convey that message…

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