“New Trojan Horse” Plot That Never Happened – Oldham

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Some ‘journalists’ go out of their way to create things against the Muslim community that does not exist.

A witch hunt is on the way in Oldham, Greater Manchester. It is claimed in some media outlets that Muslims are out there in Oldham, trying to take over State schools, it is dubbed by them to be a “New Trojan Horse”.

A similar attempt by the media was carried out in the year 2014, in Birmingham. It was suggested along similar lines that State schools in Birmingham were being taken over to turn them “Islamic”. The Birmingham City Council investigated the 2014 claims, and found “little evidence of a systematic plot or coordinated plan”. It said, “There is no evidence of a conspiracy to promote an anti-British agenda, violent extremism or radicalisation of schools.”

The current claims are solely based on one person. This person is Trish O’Donnell, a teacher. She…

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2 replies

  1. Things that make you go, “hmmmmmm…………”


    • Good article! The fake news industry has definitely gotten out of control. Such news stories would never be published if they were targeting another certain small but very influential minority.


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