Sweden’s Sexual Crimes Have Gone Down Contrary To What Xenophobes Peddle

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Kaleef K. Karim

It is commonly claimed (and implied) in some media outlets and right-wing blogs that the more immigrants or refugees come to Europe the more likely the crime rate goes up. Where so an immigrant population increases so do rape incidents, as they claim. Sweden has been dubbed by them as the “rape capital”.

We have taken our time out to present evidence to refute this malicious xenophobic propaganda peddled against innocent immigrants and refugees. This evidence is directly taken from The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

Over 80.000 new immigrants and refugees moved to Sweden in 2013 – 2014. According to anti-immigrant/refugee campaigners, this would mean that sex crimes increased? To the contrary, police records show that in that year the sexual offenses reported actually went down (“Percentage exposed to sex offenses“):

swedenn3 Credit: Bra.se

Notice the above, the maximum increase of sexual crimes committed against…

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  1. Very good. I had saved an article on a similar subject. If I can find it will share it.

    These Islamophobes like to use Sweden for their propaganda narrative as it perpetuates the Arab/African Muslims are raping the blonde women type of image.

    Jack Shaheen has a good book and a documentary surveying the stereotyping of Arabs in Hollywood. These visual images reinforcing stereotypes will certainly be ingrained in the minds of the Islamophobes. Hence the type of propaganda narrative they fling at us.

    Says more about them and their mindsets.


    • Reel Bad Arabs: How Hollywood Vilifies a People

      The amount of data and examples of intentional outright stereotyping and negative depictions of Arab/Muslim people in Hollywood films from 1920’s into the current era is absolutely shocking and shamefully disgusting. Add to this the negative portrayals in collective mainstream media, and independent hate sites, and it is no wonder that Americans have such a negative attitude towards Arabs and Muslims when they have been brainwashed by such institutionalized programming their entire lives.


  2. They don’t want Muslims in their country because they want to be free to ridicule women and continue the sexual exploitation of them freely. Muslims would mean the erosion of that in the areas they inhabit at least.

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  3. However, the figures in the sexual offenses diagram went up with more than 75% in 2015:


    • It went from 1,6% to 3% woooooo that it is an incredible spike? Not. Bare in mind, these are SUSPECTED cases. That will massively drop when all the false cases are thrown out.


  4. I think we will have to wait for that Flying Pir, considering the clearance rate for these types of crimes of merely 14% at present…


  5. Crime is a vast concept, Flying Pir. Illegal parking is very different from heavy crime. The number of reported rapes has increased by 8.9 percent in 2016. Falling criminal investigation results, hard working conditions and a strained operational mode has characterized daily police work in many places, something which even is admitted in the yearly report to the government, as well as” The increased violence has had negative consequences for other police services and has contributed to deteriorating results in parts of the criminal investigation activities. ” Things are getting unpleasant, it seems.


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