Missionary hate group ‘Pfander’ and their propaganda needs to be confronted by all decent people

Last Sunday at Speakers Corner I confronted Lizzie and Jay Smith, two Christian missionaries who target Muslims for conversion to fundamentalist Christianity. I accused them (and the work of their co-religionists) of inciting hatred against Muslims in London by their incendiary rhetoric and lies about Muslims and Islam. With the rise of anti-Muslim and fascist movements throughout Europe the hate group they belong to (called ‘Pfander’) is throwing oil on the fire. Paagal Walla (see below) doesn’t represent my criticism of Jay Smith and his followers fairly or accurately (I’ll let that pass) but see how Tasty Worker replies:

Tasty Worker’s bizarre hate-filled rhetoric (liked by 7 others) perfectly exemplifies my point. Extremist Christians demonise Muslims in a manner reminiscent of Nazi propaganda about the Jews. I cannot think of a more apposite historical parallel.

Paagal Walla then asks incredulously “Why are Muslims SO EASILY OFFENDED???”!

Missionary hate group ‘Pfander’ and their propaganda need to be confronted by all decent people everywhere.

The good guys:

Hope not hate

Southern Poverty Law Centre


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  1. I am sure the Nazis wouldn’t have answered something similar to Tasty Worker when challenged for the fascism.


  2. Isn’t ‘paagal’ Urdu for ‘insane?’


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  3. Meanwhile in a mosque in Montreal we have a shiek calling for the death of Jews. And Erdogan calling for the conquest of Europe and the Islamic State saying Rome here we come we are going to do to Rome what we did to Constantinople.

    Yes, why are muslims so easily offended?


  4. It is one thing to do missionary work and spreading the gospel, while it is entirely something else to work full time apreading hate and bigotry against another religion.

    A well intentioned Christian missionary organization would not engage in such hateful demonizing of others. Those who hide behind Chistianity, and use missionary organizations to demonize Muslims are no different than the Islamophobic CJM groups that have already been identified as hate groups. Organizations like Acts 17, PFander and others should be identified, called out and labeled for what they really are – hate groups.

    Good Christians themselves should be at the forefront in rooting out this “Neo-anti-Semitism” and anti-Islamic hate from among their own ranks. It’s onky the Chistianity thing to do.

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    • Quote from recent article entitled “profiling Islamophobes ” by L. Ali khan

      Over the centuries, Islamophobes have trashed Islam, persecuted and even killed Muslims. But there is a great irony in Islamic history. The Mongols destroyed Baghdad but their children embraced Islam. Even the Prophet’s own uncle (Abu Lahb) was a vicious Islamophobe, and Mecca, now the citadel of Islam, was once an Islamophobic city. American Islamophobes, the ugliest and the less ugly, need to know that American Muslims and their progeny, even if persecuted, will continue to contribute to the economic, social, moral, and intellectual good of America as they have in Malaysia and Indonesia, nations as far away from the Middle East as are the United States.


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    • Are you a christophobe?


    • “Islamophobia” 2016 National. Poetry slam finals

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  5. No…I’m a bigotophobe.

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  6. Bilal, do you believe in one ummah?


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