Mary the Mother of Jesus, a role model for Christians, wore a hijab

Full title: The Virgin in Prayer
Artist: Sassoferrato
Date made: 1640-50
Copyright © The National Gallery, London

Categories: Art, Beauty, Islam

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  1. In 2012 Italy’s Minister of the Interior Roberto Maroni strongly refused to sign on a decree banning the Islamic female headscarf, known as hijab. “If the Virgin Mary appears wearing a veil on all her pictures, how can you ask me to sign on a hijab ban law?” he said.

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  2. Medieval art is now an historical document. Really!


  3. this is kufr mentality. they cant keep up right way. biblical women cover their head they open their …… . bible command something and they blame islam for same thing.


    • Qaqawani,
      I think you mean to say it is hypocrisy and double standards. They exchanged the lords commandments to follow their own mortal and misguided desires.


    • something more than that. they hate biblical commandments. they ignore if they do not like it. we are not perfect muslims but we do not ignore law of ALLAH. there are difference between religious and non religious muslims but christians look same. liberals and religious christians except feew area are same. they lost sense of good and bad. sex outside marriage okay for them. lying is okay for them. specially in mission works. they blame ALLAH for being moon god. but they do not want to see where word god coming from. they critic polygamy,which is also biblical. they say prophet muhammed not mentioned in the bible. but most of the biblical prophets not prophesized before by other prophets. is there any prophecy about isaiah daniel samuel paul and many of them? also many of these prophets do not have any miracles. in short have atheist mentality.


  4. Looks like 100 years ago a head covering didn’t seem to be a problem

    Paul Washer understands the head covering mentioned by Paul of Tarsus to be like what Muslim women wear.

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  5. LOL a painting in the 1600’s does not make for evidence of the first century lol


    • For if a woman does not cover her head, she might as well have her hair cut off; but if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut off or her head shaved, then she should cover her head. – St Paul

      There is the 1st century evidence and this is still a practice widely done in Eastern Orthodox, Traditional Catholic, and Middle Eastern churches. Protestants also largely maintained the practice until more modern times through the use of bonnets, hats, etc…

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  6. I wonder what psychologists would say to Muslims who are so adamant that other non Muslim women must be forced to wear a head scarf?

    Why don’t you guys keep your legalism inside the masjid please?


    • No Muslim here is saying that anyone should be forced to wear anything only that Islam has a strong stance on modesty as did Christianity traditionally, the head scarf is/was common to both traditions until more recent times and that it is hypocritical for modern day Christians to criticise Islam for having said values.

      Please keep up…

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    • Patrice, I assume you dont wear a headscarf which by your reasoning would mean you are immodest. Correct?


    • Lol silly Paulus. He doesn’t know lol


    • I didn’t know men wore the hijab!

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    • Plenty of Muslim men wear headscarfs. I hear the Wahhabi’s love them!!

      But, anyway, how about you answer the question. Are those who don’t wear a headscarf immodest as per your reassoning?


    • Yes but that is not a hijab it is a Keffiyeh and is not something that is exclusive to Islam (just like the head scarf isn’t unique to Islam)

      But anyway Paulus you haven’t answered my point yet regarding St Pauls teaching on wearing a head scarf! So i will fire the question back at you, did St Paul think that those who don’t wear a head scarf were immodest according to his reasoning?

      The answer should be obvious…

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    • Look Paulus, the problem is very obvious. We can say that Christian women are only commanded to wear a scarf while prayer (which they don’t do nowadays). But it won’t stop there. You will call for more nudity than just showing the hair. You will not be satisfied until every women wears short short stuff and you will call it Christian. That is because your fundamental principle is opposing Islam.

      You are in the Philippines and you cannot change the state of your wife and sister. We know how disgustingly slutty South-East Asian women are. You have to justify it with your religion.


    • Muslim women are commanded to wear the headscarf. If they don’t they will be violating the command of God. However, covering the hair is not part of universal modesty. Therefore I would not call a woman without hijab immodest as long as the rest of the body is covered and the hair is kept in a modest way.

      Yes, we believe in establishing Islamic law. In the masjid rules can be enforced since it is private property. Someone who has power in a land (ruler, government) has the obligation to enforce Islamic law. Not doing so is sinful. Denying the sovereignty of Islam in legal matters constitutes apostasy. Writing a law or constitution that goes against Islamic law and sovereignty is apostasy. Saying “you can do whatever is not forbidden by (state) law” is apostasy.


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