Reading Psalm 110:1

Dale Martin is an American New Testament scholar. He is Professor of Religious Studies at Yale University.


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  1. What opinionated garbage. “David hadnt heard of Jesus so he couldnt be referring to Jesus”. Thats why its called prophecy. You can’t make this stuff up.


    • Achillies53,
      “You can’t make this stuff up.”
      If we didn’t have Christianity, someone like Saul of Tarsus would have to make it up, or did that already happen?

      How do you know that David was not prophesying about someone else?


    • Because Jesus said it was about him.


    • really? You have read Jesus’s actual words?


    • More accurately, an unknown scribe put words into Jesus mouth.

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    • Not unknown. It was David’s words. At pentecost. Peter said it applied to Jesus.


    • Where are Peter’s own words?

      Many scholars are convinced that Peter was not the author of this letter because the author had to have a formal education in rhetoric/philosophy and an advanced knowledge of the Greek language….Bart D. Ehrman is convinced that the language, dating, literary style, and structure of this text makes it implausible to conclude that 1 Peter was written by Peter; according to these scholars, it is more likely that 1 Peter is a pseudonymous letter,

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    • Achillies
      did you even watch the video? your interpretation breaks both rules that Dr. Martin mentions.

      “One of the fundamental rules of textual historical criticism is do not harmonize different texts in the Bible.”

      Second rule – avoid anachronism.

      Your interpretation engages in both errors.


  2. “Where are Peter’s own words” Acts 2: 34-36. He quotes Psalm 110:1 and says it is about Jesus.


    • Who wrote the book of Acts?

      What relation did he have with Peter?

      How did he come across what Peter said? What are the names of the people who transmitted Peter’s words to the author of Acts?

      Was Peter’s speech originally in Aramaic or Hebrew? Did the people who conveyed the speech to the author of Acts translate the speech or did they paraphrase it? How proficient were these people in Greek so we may know that their translation/paraphrase was accurate?

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    • “Who wrote the book of acts?” Luke.


    • How do you know Luke wrote it? Does it say it is by Mr Luke?


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